How Pianist Graham Fitch Markets His Online Music Lessons

Graham Fitch is a sought-after teacher in London with an international profile, attracting students of varying ages and levels. He writes regularly for Pianist Magazine and he is a tutor on the EPTA (UK) Piano Teachers Course. Graham is also famous for his own eBook Series. In the following interview he tells us about his internet experience and […]

Music Blogging: Frances Wilson — Pianist

Today I was privileged to chat with Frances Wilson who is a London-based pianist, piano teacher, writer and blogger on music and pianism. A keen concert-goer, she writes music reviews for international concert and opera listings site, and is a regular contributor to ‘Pianist’ magazine’s online content, and other classical music websites. Some recent […]

How a Music Teacher’s Website Can Make Money Online

In the last article, we discussed why it’s important for music teachers to have a website. Sure, it helps students find you but you can also earn money by being online in other ways through your website. Check out these music teacher sites and see how they created sites that sell.

Online Marketing View: Why a Music Teacher Must Be Online

Certainly, music has charms, but how do you spread that charm these days? The time of newspaper ads or hanging a shingle in the window, promising piano lessons for 5¢ is long since over. Maybe a flyer on the bulletin board at the supermarket? When was the last time you saw a bulletin board in […]

The Most Popular Bad Mistakes People Make With Their Website

Surprisingly, it’s reported that over half the businesses in the United States still don’t have a website. Of this half, more and more will bend to the pressure of entering the digital age as a necessity to stay competitive. 72% of consumers say they will first check out a business online before considering using a […]

The Easy-to-Understand Approach to Online Marketing

Online marketing is the best way to reach your audience but, unless you know how to effectively use it, you’re stuck with paying others to do it for you and as any good online marketing firm starts with basic, and I mean basic services at $1,500 a month, you may need to learn how to […]

Dealing With Positive and Negative Feedback on Your Website and Blog

When I applied for my first adult job, the business owner asked for some letters of recommendation. Until that point, my part-time jobs had been the usual jobs young teenagers held. The man to whom I reported for my newspaper delivery route had been found dead in Las Vegas from an overdose, surrounded by passed […]

Copyright Infringement: Things on the Web are Not Free to Use

So, you were surfing the web and found the coolest image you’ve ever seen. You decide it’s perfect for your website and you either pop it on yourself or hand it to a web designer and ask him or her to put it on your site. Then you decide you want to go rob a […]

WordPress, Portfolio Site, Host Templates or Design From Scratch?

There is a debate about what is the best way to show one’s creative work to clients. Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators and photographers struggle with the question of what is best for ME? Throughout the painful quandary, there is the nagging anxiety of what other creatives will think of a person’s web site. The […]

Want More Business? Localize Your SEO

When I first got started in web design, a new client wanted a site that could be found not only by local prospective clients but also by visitors to the area. I shrugged and told her it was easy – all I had to do was put in tags and keywords that would show up […]

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