Learning new software can feel a bit like a math exam. Which is why we’ve created these handy cheat sheets! They won’t do the learning for you, but they’ll save some serious time.

HTML5 Canvas [Cheat Sheet]

Wouldn’t it be amazing if modern web designers could have access to a tool that would help them transform the web page sheet into a canvas? A canvas where they can create their work of art with no restrictions whatsoever to their creativity, where their innovative ideas will not know any boundaries. How many times […]

HTTP vs HTTPS [Cheat Sheet]

  Whenever you type a web address you can notice how in front of ‘www’ there is either http or https part. It may not draw your attention immediately, but you have definitely noticed it. However, sometimes the text is HTTP and in some cases it is HTTPS, so what is the difference? Well the […]

Vector Image Creation and Editing [Cheat Sheet]

  Today, we can distinguish between two types of graphic files – rasters and vectors – and today, vectors are far more popular and reliable in the field of graphic design. Vectors are used for logo design and branding, motion design and animation, information design, infographics, etc. There are numerous reasons why vectors are so […]

Social Media Image Sizes [Cheat Sheet]

  Even though social media accounts all look very similar, there is myriad of subtle differences in the way casual users create their social media pages, and how business owners create their profiles and company pages. After all, your social media page or profile is an important aspect of your online presence, and for those […]

Stock Images [Cheat Sheet]

Quality photography or illustrations have become quite important today. If you want to look professional and appealing to customers, you need to have high-quality photography or Stock images to help you out with advertising. Stock images have so many different uses nowadays, and a lot of business owners use them for different things. You can […]

JavaScript [Cheat Sheet]

So, you want to know a thing or two about web design, or how to create your own website. Well, it means you’ll need to take a crash course in coding and learn to write in languages that are unlike anything you ever wrote before. This is a point where people tend to get discouraged, […]

HTML & CSS [Cheat Sheet]

It’s the age of having an online presence, and if you want to be a respected businessman who is taken seriously, you need to have a website. Also, knowing how to design a website is one of the most desired skills of the 21st century. Therefore, being well versed in the area of HTML and […]

Elements and Principles of Design [Cheat Sheet]

It’s time to design your own website or logo and you are thinking “Well, I’ll go with something that I will personally like. I don’t want a website that I don’t find attractive.” Well, this kind of approach is not entirely good. It would be for the best to avoid fully involving your personal feelings […]

The Best Time to Post to Social Networks [Cheat Sheet]

Social media’s all about throwing the metaphorical spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, right? No. No, it’s not! Chances are good you saw that twist coming, but this First Site Guide cheat sheet is all about why time and type matter on social media. Believe it or not, there is a rhythm and […]

CMYK vs RGB [Cheat Sheet]

  The human eye is an amazing tool, capable of differentiating between as many as 10 million colors, over a wide range. When it comes to choosing which color modes you should use for graphic design, things can get more than a little daunting. Luckily, we’re here to help you explain the differences between CYMK […]

Adobe Illustrator [Cheat Sheet]

  Adobe Illustrator is a lot like Photoshop, but more complicated. Yes, you read that right. Illustrator has a steep learning curve even for those who are already familiar with Photoshop, but it’s one fantastic tool for the budding graphic artist. When it comes to vectors, Illustrator is the best. First Site Guide’s graphic designer […]

Adobe Photoshop CC [Cheat Sheet]

  Photoshop is the biggest name out there in photographic and graphic design. There are lots of things like it, but it’s the top of the pack—and really, it better be, given that you can only purchase it by sacrificing the soul of your firstborn on an altar on the darkest night of the year […]