Content is the foundation of your blog. As a blogger, you will have to learn how to write good blog content, be it blog posts or pages. In this section, you will find useful articles about content writing and creation.

The Best Copywriting and Writer Blogs to Follow

Writing. Anyone can do it, right? Well, yes, but not everyone can do it right. This article isn’t about what anyone can do, it’s about who does it best. Finding a good copywriter isn’t always easy. Everyone with a high school diploma, technically, has the skill set required to be a writer, but much in […]

Rob Cubbon about blogging and writing an Ebook

I’m a bestselling author, online instructor and I run a web and graphic design business. I blog regularly (from, create courses on Udemy and other online platforms, publish Kindles and speak at conferences. Please tell us something about yourself and your website – when did you get an idea to launch your own website […]

The Writer’s Drawer by Beryl Belsky

The Writer’s Drawer is the brainchild of professional editor Beryl Belsky. As an editor she always envied writers, but had not written much herself – until she launched a couple of interest blogs, and then The Writer’s Drawer website. However, The Writer’s Drawer is more about other people’s writing. Its uniqueness lies in its offer […]

The Write Stuff: Creating Great Blog Content

Writing is a great way to get noticed as an expert in your field. You don’t need to be Hemingway. A simple, conversational writing style works great when communicating your message, so when I saw a fellow author’s article on writing to expand one’s marketing efforts (Expand Your Marketing Efforts Through Writing), I had to […]

Copyright Infringement: Things on the Web are Not Free to Use

So, you were surfing the web and found the coolest image you’ve ever seen. You decide it’s perfect for your website and you either pop it on yourself or hand it to a web designer and ask him or her to put it on your site. Then you decide you want to go rob a […]

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