All the amazing content and hard work in the world doesn’t mean much if no one ever finds out about it. Fortunately, it’s never been easier to reach a global audience.

75 Experts Reveal The 3 Best Blog Marketing Tips

Blog Marketing 101 So you’ve started a blog. At least, we assume so, since you’re here at First Site Guide. Maybe the blog’s for fun, maybe it’s for money, or maybe it’s because you’re bored. Whatever you started it for, you started a blog instead of going out and buying a diary, so you probably […]

How to get your first 100 email subscribers

While we publish original content, every now and then we run across an article we think will be of great help to our visitors. “How to get your first 100 email subscribers” by Noah Kagan, posted on his blog,, is a great article on building an email list.

Real Estate QR Codes: Your 24 Hour Office

If you’re thinking of downloading our guide for starting a real estate website, or have done so already, then you should consider some cool marketing tools to work in tandem with your site. With the kind permission of the people at (QR code generators and analytics), we present an article from their blog on […]

The Most Popular Bad Mistakes People Make With Their Website

Surprisingly, it’s reported that over half the businesses in the United States still don’t have a website. Of this half, more and more will bend to the pressure of entering the digital age as a necessity to stay competitive. 72% of consumers say they will first check out a business online before considering using a […]

The Easy-to-Understand Approach to Online Marketing

Online marketing is the best way to reach your audience but, unless you know how to effectively use it, you’re stuck with paying others to do it for you and as any good online marketing firm starts with basic, and I mean basic services at $1,500 a month, you may need to learn how to […]