If Google doesn’t find you, no one else ever will. The good news is that they’re looking for you, and you can help them get your content to the people who want to see it. The rules change regularly, so stay up-to-date!

Experts Reveal The 3 Best Blogging SEO Tips

It’s a well-known fact that blogging plays an important role in the entire link building process and website optimization. However, many business owners tend to approach this matter recklessly, and think that the solution lies in getting as many links as possible. Although it’s true that you should go after high ranked blogs and see […]

Why You Shouldn’t Mess With Google’s SEO and Adsense Rules

When you start a blog or website, you’re eager to have it become successful quickly and gain as many followers as possible. You will see lots of advice on the web about gaining followers. Some are good tips, others offer a chance to buy followers and some steer you in other disreputable methods of getting […]

Want More Business? Localize Your SEO

When I first got started in web design, a new client wanted a site that could be found not only by local prospective clients but also by visitors to the area. I shrugged and told her it was easy – all I had to do was put in tags and keywords that would show up […]