Social media is a useful instrument for promoting your blog. You need to learn best practices and how to use social media in your day to day promotional activities.

Andrea Vahl Talks About Social Media and Blogging Benefits

You’ve successfully established yourself as a Social Media and Internet Marketing Expert. What drew you into this area – was this always your interest, or did you find yourself swept up in it? I started using social media to promote my in-home wine tasting business (that was a dream job right there) and really loved […]

The Best Social Media Blogs to Follow

Much like the name suggests, social blogs are primarily used for people to exchange their experience, help out one another, and socialize online. You also have an opportunity to stay up to date with all the latest trends in a particular niche. However, there is an important secondary use that a lot of business owners […]

Tamas Torok interview about ‘Momentum’ and blogging

  Please tell us something about yourself and Momentum – how did it all start? I joined Momentum 2 years ago and I have been working on building Momentum’s blog since then. I’m responsible for the whole inbound marketing strategy. Previously, I ran my own personal blog and worked for different startup companies as a […]

Rafi Chowdhury’s interview on starting an online business

Could you tell us a little about yourself, Chowdhury’s Digital and myCampusHacks – how you ended up starting an online business? Sure! Chowdhury’s Digital is a growth hacking agency. I work with mid-size companies and help them leverage their websites to make more revenue. I often use unique tactics to achieve these results in the […]

Posterous is Dead. What Now?

Reaching for the Stars An astronaut with a wrench floats in the void of space, with only a smoking satellite for the company. Beside him are the words, “Posterous Spaces is no longer available.” On April 30, 2013, this popular service went down. At the time of its demise, Posterous had an estimated 60,000 daily […]

Your Blog is Live! Make Sure Your Social Media Outreach is, Too!

When I speak to students about business, I always make sure to point out that they just can’t sit by the phone and wait for the calls from prospective clients to pour in. This is when their eyes glaze over. The worst argument I ever heard from a student in response to my talk on steps […]

How I Learned to Love Twitter!

In a recent article, I made a generalization about Twitter only being used to drive traffic to a designer’s web site or blog. There were a couple of comments, stating I was wrong. Sure, it was a generalization to save 1,200 words, telling people what they already knew, but in face-to-face discussions with peers and a […]

Dealing With Positive and Negative Feedback on Your Website and Blog

When I applied for my first adult job, the business owner asked for some letters of recommendation. Until that point, my part-time jobs had been the usual jobs young teenagers held. The man to whom I reported for my newspaper delivery route had been found dead in Las Vegas from an overdose, surrounded by passed […]

Which Social Network Should You Opt For?

When it comes to managing your online presence, the task is not so simple. This is especially true with respect to social networks. There are way too many social networking websites out there, and it can be a confusing decision about which one to choose and which one to ignore. So, how does one pick […]