A craftsman is only as good as his tools, and a tool is only as good as the craftsman. We’re here to make sure you can find the best tools—and be the best craftsman—you can be.

What is an RSS feed? How does it work?

Information is all around us, and more often than not, it is simply hard to keep track. It can be frustrating, as important news are happening every day and it is important to stay up-to-date. Such a significant amount of information is probably hard to filter out, to only follow what you want and what […]

Best of The Best: Online Grammar and Punctuation Checker Tools 2017

If you are planning to start a writing career or your new job includes blogging duties, you will need to work on improving your writing skills. You can never perfect your writing. It should be a constant process of self-improvement. One of the most important aspects of writing is your grammar. Nobody will take you […]

Interview with Justyna Polaczyk from LiveChat

Before LiveChat crossed my path, I spent almost 7 years working as a business analyst and 6 years as a journalist. It turned out that becoming a content writer was the best decision I’ve ever made. Now, on the LiveChat blog, I share my experience and knowledge about customer service, business psychology, social media and […]

Master your social shares and perfect SEO with BuzzSumo

When managing a blog, you should already know that the work on a particular article isn’t over once you hit the publish button. People will be able to read your post, but now your task is to share it on social media and to present the article to the as big crowd as possible. A […]

Interview with Lisa Sylvester from Laughingbird Software

Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting Laughingbird Software? Once upon a time, our business was called “Laughingbird Productions”. My partner, and husband, Marc, with his entrepreneurial passion and design skills, created logos and websites for online customers. A few years later (only one year after our daughter […]

Understand your site better and improve SEO with Monitor Backlinks

SEO is a powerful abbreviation which many think they understand well. The truth is, search engine optimization is really hard to master, but there are still segments which even a beginner can utilize in order to make a better site. The first thing most people think after hearing about SEO are backlinks. Those links which […]

Interview with Dan Schultzer from GoSpaces

Could you tell us a little about yourself – how you ended up starting gospaces.com? We saw a need for a quick way to test business ideas, so we decided to build a platform that let people get their business online in a matter of minutes. We also wanted to make it easy to get […]

Giveaway – WPRichSnippets gets Advanced WooCommerce Reviews add-on

After you prepare your website for the web, things get serious. You will have to worry about so many different aspects of your site. SEO is just one one them, but it still requires an expert who will dedicate time to making your site stand out in the search results. Luckily, there are WordPress plugins […]

Learn about Entrepreneurship from the Creator of Hiver

Could you tell us a little about yourself and how you started Hiver? I am a programmer, who worked with large teams over a period of 8 years before coming on to the idea for starting Hiver. Everywhere I worked, I faced multiple problems with collaborating over email. While email was really “sticky”, and people […]

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