Comparison Chart of Top 10 CDN Services

Getting a CDN (content delivery network) is simply a must for some websites. If a website has visitors from all around the world, while at the same time having a large amount of traffic it is a good idea to get your own CDN. A CDN is a system of servers which are placed all around the world. Users that request certain content are simply directed to these servers based on their closeness and this is how they get to access or download content faster.
If you are in need of CDN services there are a lot of companies to choose from. All of them have different CDN options that might be more or less suitable for your needs. This is why we have put together this comparison chart of the top 10 CDN companies, where you can see their most important characteristics that can help you make the right decision when choosing one.
14 14 days 7 15 30 30YesAWSFree TierYesNo30+Included in AWSIf originResend from origincompress on edgeVaries50GB free20GB free$0.47 per GB/mo250mb free40+30+120+70+100+20+30+20+10+(and 50+ partners)YesFree planYes(duration unknown)Yes(duration varies)Free plan$0.085$0.10$0.049$0.049$0.045$0(Free plan)$0.12$0(Free Plan)$0.04N/AWith minimalmonthly pricingPrepaid dataPay as you goMonthly plansA StackPath Company CDN Comparison Chart Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Read review Minimumcost per GB trafficPay as you go / monthly plansPay perrequestFree TrialPoPsPush zonesPull zonesPurgePurge allStorageFree sharedSSLCustomCNAMEGzipOverrides origin headerStatisticsHTTPSAccess LogsAPISupportKnowledbaseEmail/TicketingChat/PhoneOverallRating 10777796888 YesYesYesdepends on planYesPaid24/724/524/724/724/724/7AmazonCloudFrontCacheFlyCDN77CDNLionCDNsunCloudFlareFastlyIncapsulaKeyCDNStackPathex MaxCDN