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Company Overview, Pricing, and Features

Artem Minaev
Updated: December 19th, 2020
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Launched in 2012, CDNsun is a relatively new player in the CDN field. After many years when leading CDNs were coy about their (expensive) pricing, CDNsun has staked a position in the industry as the affordable provider. With their bright yellow grading, focus on software and game delivery, live streaming and on-demand video streaming, CDNsun is serious about capturing younger and dynamic audiences. But does cheaper pricing mean the product is inferior and worth less?

CDNsun Homepage

Starting up

When starting, you’ll be welcomed with very friendly and simple signup process with no strings attached. In fact, CDNsun offers a 15-day free trial that doesn’t require any billing details. This is a plus if you decide to bail or you’re just skeptical about providing your data. After you provide your company name, email and time zone, you’ll receive a welcome email and you’ll be ready to test their service. Easy and quick—we like this kind of signup.

CDNsun Signing up

Setting up

Setting up your service is a bit less streamlined than the signup, but it’s not complicated. You’ll be given several options for the types of services offered, including static, static push, video, video push and live zones for content delivery. Each option serves a different purpose, depending on the type of content you’ll have on your website and your budget. Definitions and short explanations are provided on the site.

For demonstration purposes, we’ll discuss the static service. With this option, you’ll have to name your CDN service domain and provide your origin domain. After that, you’ll have to pal with your host’s DNS records, but you’ll be provided with relatively user-friendly tutorials. As far as tech lingo goes, they lean to the more beginner-friendly side. They also have a ton of CMS and other integration tutorials.

CDNsun Setting up


The integration tutorials have instructions on how to integrate CDN with CMSs like WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. They also will provide you with integrations for several players, including JW player, Flowplayer or mobile devices that work on android. Speaking of media, they support FLV, MP4, MOV and WMV formats. You’ll get your usual push and pull zones—real-time tracking and some more advanced features like IP access policy and HTTP pseudostreaming. They’re based on OnApp federation and have over 70 POPs on five continents, which makes them solid in PoP numbers. Additionally, they have POPs in less common areas, which will make your website more widely available.

CDNsun Setting up

Testing it out

Without CDNsun support, the longest it took for our website to load all content and files (5.53KB) in the browser was 14.78 seconds, which is not good at all. It took 221ms to establish a connection to the web server and 1.01 seconds to download all the data.

The best time with CDNsun was 1.94 seconds to load all content and files, taking 10ms to establish a connection to the server and 0.81 seconds to download all the data.

CDNsun Testing

On average, without CDNsun, it took about 1.04 seconds for the first byte. The average load time was 5.66 seconds. With CDNsun, on average, it took 0.72 seconds for the first-byte response, while average loading time was 0.99 seconds.

The worst loading time with CDN77 was from Buenos Aires, Argentina, when it took 20.5 seconds. However, Beijing, which usually has the worst response time at an average of 30 seconds, was offline this time around. All in all, although we’ve seen faster times, CDNsun is solidly in the middle of the pack. We ran our test with approximately 60 simultaneous requests.

CDNsun Testing

Help and support

CDNsun provides the full gamut of support options.They have a knowledge base, ticketing system, mail, phone support (EU and US), Skype and social media support. However, what we like the most is chat support, which a lot of CDN providers don’t offer. Best of all, support is available 24/7. There is no time of day or manner of communication that they don’t cover, which we consider a big plus.

CDNsun Knowledge Base


CDNsun has several packages that differ in minimum monthly traffic and the number of websites you can use. If you overstep their limits, you’ll automatically be upgraded.

Business$0.045 per GB10 websitesno traffic required
Premium$0.043 per GB20 websites2TB required
Premium+$0.041 per GB30 websites5TB required
Large$0.038 per GB 50 websites10TB required
Large+$0.035 per GB50 websites50TB required
Large++$0.033 per GB 50 websites100TB required

PoP pricing is different for each PoP, sometimes even within the same country.

Europe$.0.030 and up
North America$.0.044 and up
APEC$.0.059 and up
South America$.0.159

They also have monthly storage pricing


  • 24/7 support with chat
  • great for small businesses
  • more than 70 PoPs


  • automatic upgrade of account
  • pricing can be confusing
  • trial period can end early if you have a negative balance


What to say about CDNsun? It’s a solid middle-ground player for almost everything. The response time was not the fastest we’ve seen, but it was far from bad. Sign in and set up were relatively easy, but not the most streamlined or beginner-friendly. The tutorials and dashboard, on the other hand, are very easy to use, even for novices. There are many features that beginners may not care to use but more advanced users will take advantage of. There’s a 15-day free trial with one of the most readily available support teams out there. CDNsun PoPs are in some unusual locations, which can be good or bad, depending on what you’re looking for. They are cheap but not the cheapest CDN, and though their pricing is somewhat compartmentalized, it’s still transparent.

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