How to change your username in WordPress

There might be different reasons for changing your default name in WordPress. One is simple enough – you don’t like your current username and you want a change. You may have inherited the site from someone else whose username was “Cereal Killer”, “Batman” or “Superman” (but in that case, why changing such a cool name?!)

If your admin username is still the default one, you might want to change for security reasons.

Now, after we have blabbered about reasons for changing your username, we should show you how to do that.

Change it manually

First method we’re are going to show you doesn’t require any coding or additional installations. You can easily change your username with a simple trick:

  1. Go to Users->Add New
  2. Choose your new username, fill in the information and create a new user (be sure to use different email address from the one you are already using)
  3. Click on “Add New User”
  4. Log out and log in with your newly created user
  5. Now navigate to Users->All Users
  6. Select your old username and delete it
  7. You will be asked what to do with that user’s content. You can delete it with the user, but that’s obviously something you don’t want to do here. Select the other option – “Attribute all content to” and choose the username you have created in the previous steps from the dropdown list
  8. Confirm deletion

After all this, you will have a new user with new username. But that user will have all content from the previous attached – actually you have just changed the username.

The only thing left is the email address. After you have deleted the old user, the email address became available so you can go to “All Users” and edit your new user in order to change the email address. Sweet, wasn’t it?

The other method might be even simpler. Yeah, you guessed it – there’s a plugin for changing usernames.

Admin Renamer Extended

PRICE: free

This free plugin couldn’t be simpler. After you install it, it will give you a graphical user interface from which you can easily check admin usernames which are being used. The plugin will check for empty names, existing usernames as well as valid usernames. The plugin is tested on multisite which means you should have problems changing admin names on other sites in a multisite.

  1. Navigate to Plugins->Add New
  2. Search for “Admin Renamer Extended”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Go to Plugins->Admin Renamer Extended where you will get the list with active admin usernames
  5. Select the admin name you want to change
  6. Type your new username over the old one
  7. Hit “Update” button
  8. There should be a notification which confirms the change
  9. Log out and then log in with your new admin name


If that’s not enough for you, you can change the username directly in the database. That will require you to go to PhpMyAdmin and select a username in the table:

  1. Go to PhpMyAdmin
  2. Under Databases, find the database where you have stored your WP information
  3. Between all the tables, find “wp_users” where information about users is being stored
  4. Look for “user_login” column in the table – that’s where usernames are being stored
  5. Next to your username, click the edit button
  6. Change the username
  7. Save changes
  8. Go to WordPress and login with your new username

That’s it. No matter which method you choose, it should take only few minutes to change a username. Unless you have difficult time deciding on your new name.

Now that you have changed your username, can you tell us what the reason for the change was? Is it for making your site more secure or have you become ashamed of your silly username? You can tell us, we won’t laugh (ok, we can’t really promise that).

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