Change your WP login screen with Custom Login Customizer

There is an entire ocean of plugins which let you customize every corner of your WordPress system. But there hasn’t been many tries in creating a plugin that will easily change your login screen, right?

So far, if you’ve wanted to change that plain boring screen where you enter username and password, you had to manually fiddle with files and many of us don’t like to do that. But hey, everything’s different now with Custom Login Customizer plugin.

WordPress admin login

Once you install the plugin, navigate to Appearance. Then choose Login Customizer and start the customization.

So far, there are options to change the logo, background, styling and colors.

Not much to explain here. Choose a picture that you want to use as your logo – be it your real website logo or let’s say Pikachu electrifying your WordPress, it’s your choice. Of course, you need a fancy background, different color of text, etc. Take your time and enjoy this simple plugin.

Custom Login Customizer is free so go give it a try and change that boring login page of yours with something fresh.

Custom Login Customizer


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