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Broken links are bad for your website in many different ways. You might lose visitors if you happen to have more than a few broken links and it is definitely a bad thing for SEO. Search engines like Google will track your links, and the all mighty Google is going to frown upon your broken links.

OK, we got your attention, and know you have to do something with your broken links which will sooner or later stack up and downgrade your site. If you’re running a one-page site with only few information about your work, for example, you won’t have that many links to check, so you will probably do that by yourself. But if you have lots of posts and pages, manual checkup just won’t do. That’s why we’re bringing up the Broken Link Checker plugin.

After installing the plugin, it will take from several minutes to several hours (depending on how many content you have on the site) for the plugin to do its job. Then, the plugin will start checking your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll and custom fields and it will detect links that no longer work. You can choose to receive e-mails with information about broken links or see those in your WP dashboard.

There are options for making those broken links appear in different color, and you can choose to stop search engines from following those links.
You can even edit affected links directly from the plugin which makes the job much quicker.

With the plugin, you will have few actions you can perform on the found link:

  • Edit URL” – lets you change a broken link if you have found a typo in the link or maybe found another source for the same thing.
  • Unlink” – this action will remove the link but won’t delete the text it was assigned to.
  • Not broken” – everyone makes mistakes, so do plugins. If the link is actually a working one, you can mark it as good and let it be.
  • Dismiss” – hide the link from the “Broken Links” and “Redirects” views.
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