Control Remember Me checkbox on login page with a plugin

“Remember Me” option is a simple feature which is being used by WordPress login page to help you with logging in to your website. If you leave the option unchecked, your browser will remember your login for only 2 days. If you do make the check on the option, the browser will remember your login information for two weeks so you don’t have to log in each and every time you access your website.

This can be a great a tool if you work from home or in a safe environment where you can be completely sure that your information is protected. If that’s the case, you might want to have the checkbox checked all the time or you may even want your browser to keep your login details for more than two weeks.

But on the other hand, there are situations where you might want to disable the function completely and remove the checkbox from the login page.

As you can see from the linked articles, you can easily play with the settings by copying and pasting simple functions into your theme. But if you prefer not to mess with the code, there is a plugin for the job.

Remember Me Controls


Remember Me Controls

In this article, we will briefly show you a Remember Me Controls plugin which contains everything you will need to control the “Remember Me” checkbox.

The plugin is free and it can be downloaded and installed from the WordPress plugin repository. After you do that and activate the plugin, you can access its settings by navigating to Settings->Remember Me.

There you will have the four options which are going to be enough in order to control the checkbox and the duration of your login information.

Remember Me Controls options:

Have the “Remember Me” checkbox automatically checked? – choose whether your checkbox will be checked or unchecked every time you access the login page. By default, WordPress leaves the box unchecked.
Remember Forever – if you choose this option, once you log into your website, you will stay logged in for 100 years. That’s almost like forever when we talk about technology.
Remember Me duration – If you don’t want to be logged in for 100 years, and two weeks is a too short period for you, enter your desired login duration in hours.
Disable the Remember Me feature – the plugin will remove the checkbox from the login page if you choose this option.

Be careful when using this plugin on computers which have public access or computer that aren’t your own; you don’t won’t to stayed logged in for 100 years on somebody’s else computer, right?

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