Control revisions with the power of plugins

In one of our previous articles, we have showed you how to get more control over post and page revisions by inserting a single line of code into WordPress’ core files. Although this is relatively easy task, not all of us like to change important WP files. That’s why we are going to show you few simple plugins which will allow you to control your revisions in a much user friendlier environment.

Let’s start with

Revision Control:

PRICE: free
  1. Go to Plugins->Add New
  2. Find “Revision Control”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Navigate to Settings->Revisions

On the option page, plugin will give you control over your revisions. You can change number of revisions separately for your post and pages, plus the plugin will recognize the other post types and add them in the options if you have one.

From the dropdown list, you can choose to have limitless number of revisions, disable them completely or you can choose a number of revisions you want to keep in the future.

Revision Cleaner:

PRICE: free

This is another free plugin which can help you deal with your revisions. Revision Cleaner will allow each and every user to set their own time limit after which revisions for only that user will be deleted.

  1. Go to Plugins->Add New
  2. Find “Revision Cleaner”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Go to Settings->Revision Cleaner
  5. If you leave multi-user option turned on, you can change your own settings at your profile options

Once you have activated the plugin, you can choose a number of days you want revisions to be kept in the database. If you check the advanced options, you can enter number of seconds after which the plugin will delete revisions, and you can choose if you want to keep draft’s revisions or not.

After you save changes, you can forget about your revisions since the plugin will do its job automatically.

Better Delete Revision Manager:

PRICE: free

The last plugin on this list is the one which will delete old revisions for you. Not only it will keep track of your revisions, but the plugin will help you optimize your database and delete redundant data related to revision posts you have deleted.

  1. Go to Plugins->Add New
  2. Find “Better Delete Revision”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Go to Settings-> Better Delete Revision

Here you can see a list of your old revisions where you can choose to keep or delete them.

The other option will list your revisions and their statutes. If the plugin finds room for improvement, you will have the option to optimize your database and make your databases a clear place.

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