Control WordPress excerpts with Advanced Excerpt plugin

Excerpts can help you a lot if you know how to write a short summary which can attract visitors and turn them into readers. But sometimes, you need to write just a few more words or insert specific HTML tag into excerpt. Since WordPress will limit your excerpts to 55 words, you might want to change excerpt length. But if you want even more control over your excerpts like adding HTML tags or stop your WordPress from breaking the sentences, you might be interested in Advanced Excerpt plugin.

After you install and activate this free plugin, there are several options you can choose from to control your excerpts:

  • Excerpt length – choose a number of characters or words that will be shown in excerpt
  • Ellipsis – choose a HTML symbol which will be shown instead of the omitted part of the article. By default, &hellip is used to display three dots. If you’re not familiar with the code, you can find more of them here
  • Finish – choose how you want your excerpt to be finished. If you let WordPress count the number of characters, a word might be cut off in the middle or your sentence won’t be finished in the excerpt. If you want to have a complete excerpt, you can choose to finish with a complete sentence, but be aware that it also means a little bit longer excerpt
  • Read more link – choose if you want a “read more” link to appear at the end of an excerpt. See how to create one by yourself
  • No custom excerpts – if you check this option, the plugin will automatically generate an excerpt even though there might be a custom one already typed in
  • Strip shortcodes – sometimes you have to use a shortcode in the beginning of your article. But that doesn’t mean you want the shortcode to be displayed in the excerpt. It is recommended to leave the check on and strip the shortcodes from your excerpt
  • Filter – depending on your theme, choose a function which is being used for displaying excerpts. Some themes use the_excerpt() while some use the_content() function. There can be even a combination of these two in one theme so leave both check if you’re not sure what you’re doing
  • Disable on – for any reason, you might want to leave out the excerpt on some pages (for example your homepage or tag archive). Choose where you want to disable the plugin

Control WordPress excerpts with Advanced Excerpt plugin

If you want to learn more about the plugin and the code behind it (which can be easily customized), visit the plugin’s wiki for additional documentation.


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