How to create beautiful buttons with just a few clicks

Sometimes you want your links to be more than just underlined words leading to a new destination. Maybe you need to accentuate something and make it stand out from your regular text. One way of achieving that is creating a button.

Making a button can be a complicated task if you’re not into HTML and CSS. And that’s where we come to a beautiful thing called a plugin. You probably already know you can do practically anything with WordPress plugins so it’s no surprise one can create a button for you.

Let’s see some of the best plugins which will allow you to easily design and create button in your articles


PRICE: Free/$19


With this plugin, you can easily create the unlimited number of buttons. The plugin uses CSS3 to code the button you’re designing; not only you don’t have to write a single line of code, but the button will be adjusted as you choose the options in the plugin area. You can choose any color for your button, start with preset design to make everything faster and easier and you can even copy an existing button to make it your starting point for another one.

But if you choose to upgrade and pay for this plugin, you get much more. Icons can be placed anywhere within the button which will make them even more beautiful and unique. With paid version, you can place multiple texts in button and describe its purpose. You can choose more fonts and you will event get button packs with sets of finished ones that will look professional. Check out the official site and learn more about features it provides.

Once you create a button or choose a finished one, all you have to do is place a shortcode in your post/page and that’s the exact place a button will appear for any user.

Standout CSS3 buttons


Standout CSS3 buttons

Another plugin which will allow you to easily create buttons in your WordPress posts and pages. After installation, all you have to do is put a shortcode or simple PHP code wherever you want your button to show. You can create unlimited content with the plugin and every change you make will be displayed in real time so you can preview your work. There is an option to use shortcode inside shortcode to implement more options and it’s good to know that this plugin works great with the most of the modern browsers while it degrades for the older ones. There are plenty of color schemes ready but you can always extend those by placing your own CSS code.

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