How to create a custom homepage in WordPress

When you start working on your new WordPress blog, you will need a theme, to begin with. Whether you choose a free one, decide to buy a premium one, or you start building one from scratch, you will need a homepage. You can easily find good themes, but you may still want to customize the front page.

Depending on the content you’re dealing with, homepages can be completely different. While news blog will probably have the latest news displayed on the homepage, a small business site will have a logo and few important details about the company. It is obvious that every homepage should be different and so should yours.

If you can’t build one from templates which come with the theme you have chosen, or the visual builder you are working with lacks details, it is time to build a custom homepage for your WordPress website.

To start with, you will need to create a custom page template. Make sure that you name your template something like “Homepage” or anything recognizable to you because you will need that later on. Following instructions from the previously linked article about creating custom page templates, you can create a page which will fit your needs. In order to achieve the looks and the functionality you want from your homepage, you will have to know your way around PHP, HTML, and CSS.

To get a jump-start, we suggest copying page.php from your theme into your new template which you can then modify more easily than coding the template from scratch.

After you’re done with customizing your new homepage template, follow these steps in order to actually publish your new homepage:

  1. Navigate to Pages –> Add New
  2. Give your page a name
  3. On the right side, find “Attributes” settings
  4. There, click on “Templates” drop-down menu and select the template you created for the homepage
  5. Publish your page

The page is now published, but if you rush to see what the homepage looks like, you’ll still get your old one showed up on your screen. That’s because you still haven’t told WordPress to use new page as homepage, so let’s do that:

  1. Go to Settings -> Reading
  2. Find “Front Page Display” setting
  3. Select “Static page (select below) option
  4. From the dropdown list, choose page that you had created for your homepage
  5. Save settings

That’s it! You have successfully changed your homepage into a custom page of your choice. You are free to further work on the page and if you want to add or remove any features from your homepage, you will simply have to open the template and do the coding.

Yeah, as you can see, setting up the page is very easy, but creating a template that will be a good homepage takes some skill and extra time. But don’t worry; you can still build your own homepage. Browse through our WordPress tutorials which can help you add features and style your homepage more easily. Don’t forget to see our other resources that can help you with your new blog.

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