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When you start creating your own post types to expand your WordPress, there are two ways to go. We already showed you one – how to manually create a custom post type. By following several steps, you can create a custom post type but it might take much of your time if you are a begginer and not used to dealing with the code. But you don’t have to mess around with the code – if you need a simpler and quicker solution, you can create numberless custom post types by using one of the plugins.

In this article, we’re about to show you some of the best plugins which will create those custom post types for you. You won’t have to code or even copy/paste the code. Simply install any of the plugins, write in the name of your new post type and set it up through GUI.

Without any particular order, let’s start with plugins.

Custom Post Type UI


Custom Post Type UI
If you only need to register a custom post type, this plugin will do a good job. After you install it, you’ll be able to create custom post types and taxonomies. Simply go to a newly created menu, add new custom post type and write the name and description for your new post type. It is easy as that but you will have to notice that this plugin won’t handle displaying your new post type. Once you register new post type, it is still up to you how to display it. We suggest that you check out how to do that or go with some other plugin which can also display your posts.


My Custom Post Type

PRICE: $14

My Custom Post Type
My Custom Post Type is a simple plugin which will help you create your new post type. After you install and activate the plugin, you will see a “My CPT”new menu item on the left where you can start with customizing the post. All you have to do is enter the name of your post type, choose among few options and hit the save button. Easy as that.


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