Create, edit and delete user roles with this great plugin

WordPress comes with six predefined roles which you can assign to your users. You can be Super Admin, Admin, Editor, Author, Contributor, and Subscriber. But what if you want more user roles for which you can easily define capabilities?

If you only want to change user role names, we have already shown you a short piece of code which will enable you to rename any user role. But if you want to edit role’s capabilities or even add new ones, you will need User Role Editor plugin which makes the job so easy.

With this plugin, you can create new roles from the beginning or you can copy an existing one and modify it to your needs. There are numerous options available for you to choose from so you can tailor your own roles without having to write a single line of code. If you don’t like your role or you have created a better one, it is easy to delete unnecessary roles from the settings page.

WPFront User Role Editor

PRICE: free

A great thing about the plugin is that you can assign multiple roles to one user which means you have endless options. Also, the plugin works great in a multi-site.

  1. Go to your WordPress Admin Panel
  2. Open Plugins-Add New
  3. Find “WPFront User Role Editor”
  4. Install and activate the plugin or download the plugin from WP plugin repository
  5. Navigate to newly created Roles menu item

The menu item consists of two links – one for adding a new role and the other one for reviewing all roles you have installed.

Create, edit and delete user roles with this great plugin

To add a new role, follow the menu link. As you can see, after you choose the name for your new role, there are tons of capabilities split into categories. Go through each capability carefully and decide what a new user role will be able to do – now you feel so powerful, don’t you? Choose if newly created user role can publish and delete posts, upload files, switch themes, update plugins, and much, much more.

If you follow the second link, you will get a list of every user role you have created plus the default ones. Here you can easily delete roles, except Administrator which is untouchable. Again, you as an admin feel so great now, don’t you? You might as well go and change the “Administrator” to “Untouchable One”.

Also, you can copy a role so you can edit it and create a similar one.

When you realize you have made a mistake by editing a role, you can easily restore its original capabilities with a restore button.

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