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WordPress is one of the best tools there is for you to write a blog. Well, it actually started as a blogging system and at the moment, there are numerous options for you to write on the Internet.

When it comes to writing long stories, you can easily write them without using a single plugin. But if you want your blog to like nice and to write those stories in a fun and easy way, you should definitely see what Long Form Storybuilder has to offer.

If your story is long and you have a lot of material to present, you can’t simply put the text into text editor and publish it as is. But one of your goals as a blogger is to make your visitor want to read your story. And in order to do that, not only your story has to be interesting, but it has to be presented correctly. That’s where Long Form Storybuilder comes in to help you.

Long Form Storybuilder


Long Form

With this free plugin, you have the power to create stories which will look like they come from a magazine.

Create titles and subtitles separately, add menus, insert pictures and draw attention to your most important content. The plugin is built with the help of WordPress Customizer panel which means everything will be familiar and easy to use.

Available sections:

For now, there are several sections you can easily organize and add to your site:

  • Header: a section where you can place the title, subtitle and one image
  • Callout: A full-width section where you can have a background color and display your excerpt, for example, or one important sentence which would lure your visitor into reading the rest of the content
  • Content: This is where you write your story
  • Full Feature: A full-width image above which you can place a text with the description
  • Navigation: Here you can add a menu so a visitor can navigate through your long story with ease and skip sections as they want
  • Section Heading: Add title and subtitle
  • Two Column Content: Place text into two columns and make reading more interesting
  • Three Column Content: Place text in three columns

Every section gets its own editor and options so it is very easy to control the look of your article. Instead of using visual editor, you are free to use text editor where you can use HTML and further improve your long story by changing colors, adding forms, tables and much, much more.

Start with your first long story:

  1. Go to Plugins->Add New
  2. Search for “Long Form Storybuilder”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. Create a new post or a page
  5. On the right side, check “Display as Long Form Content”
  6. Save post/page as draft or publish it
  7. A new box will appear where you can click on “Edit My Long Format Content” button or you can go to Appearance->Customize to star working on your new story
  8. Choose “Long Format Page Sections” to start working on your page or choose “Page Options” to set the colors and font combinations for your new page

That’s it. You will have your plugin set up in a matter of seconds and now everything’s up to you and your creativity – leave us a link to your story you have created with Long Form Storybuilder.

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