How to quickly create your own social media icons

Right after search engines, social media are the best way of directing traffic to your website. With social media like Facebook and Twitter, you can easily show people what are you writing about, show them a new video or share any piece of information you want.

Those people will share your article if they liked it and thus create an advertisement for free. You can track how people reacted to your newly published article and keep giving them what they liked. Even before you realize, they’ll be liking your new stuff even more often and come to your website by clicking on your social media article.

But to make everything easier, you’ll have to place social media icons on your website and allow people to share the content more easily.

In this article, we’re going to show you how to create social media icons by yourself and place them into the horizontal line above or under your post or a page. These icons will be linked to your profiles and take people to your social media profile.

Create your own social media icons:

  1. Find social media icons you like
  2. If you know your way around graphic design, you might design the icons. But if you’re not that creative or just don’t have time to create social media icons, you can find free packs on the Internet. For example, you can download ones for free on or

    If you want beautiful icons that can scale to any size, you should check out these 40 animated SVG icons for WordPress

  3. Upload icons to your Media Library
  4. Open the Library and copy the URL to your image.

It should look something like this: Now you should link that icon to your social media profile. If you know HTML basics, you can do that by adding tags by yourself. If not, let’s make it as simple as possible.

  1. Go to Posts -> Add New and make sure you’re in Text Editor
  2. Select “image” button
  3. Paste the image URL
  4. Select the entire code
  5. Click on the “link” button
  6. Under URL, enter the URL to your social media profile (for example
  7. You can now see the result by previewing your post

Now you have the entire code for one social media icon. You can repeat the process and add more icons if you have multiple social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Flickr, LinkedIn…).

Add icons to a sidebar:

You’re ready to add icons into a widget. You will have to create a new text widget and prepare HTML code like shown in the steps above:

  1. Navigate to Appearance -> Widgets
  2. Choose a Text widget
  3. Add new widget
  4. Here you can write title if you want one and place the code you have created in the text area
  5. Save changes to your widget
  6. That’s it! Check out your new social media icon placed in a widget

Add icons to the header:

  1. Go to Appearance -> Editor
  2. Open your header.php file
  3. Paste the link where you want your icons to appear
  4. Save changes

You can do the same to place your newly created icons in your footer, in a single post or a page or actually wherever you need them.

If you’re not creative enough or you simply don’t want to lose time on creating the icons, we will show you some of the best plugins for adding social media icons.

This was just a small step towards a better website. If you’re still new, let us show you how to start a blog and become a better webmaster.

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