Creating a survey can be a piece of cake

If you want to get more information from your visitors, you will want to create surveys, quizzes, polls and questionnaires. That might take you a lot of time if you’re going to code it yourself, even if you code on a daily basis. But if you’re using WordPress, you already know that you can easily find a plugin for everything. And that’s the case here.

In the following lines, we’re about to show you some of the best WordPress plugins for creating surveys. Just find the one you like, install it and you’ll be creating a survey in a matter of minutes.

TotalPoll Pro

PRICE: $18

TotalPoll Pro

This responsive WordPress plugin lets you create and manage polls on your website. With over 30 unique features, you can create any poll you want and there is really much to choose from. Whether you want to write a text, image, link, video, or even a custom HTML code, you’re ready to create whatever you like. This poll system comes with 4+ anti-cheat layers. It features a customizer which will allow you to modify the look of your poll. TotalPoll Pro will track every vote and provide logs where you can easily track all activity and find any cheating attempts. Place your poll in an article, in a widget or use shortcode… there are tons of cool features this poll system offers so be sure to check ou the full features list.

  • 6 choice types
  • Unlimited customization options
  • Anti-cheating layers


Modal Survey

PRICE: $27

Create a visually stunning poll and embed it anywhere on the site. Once a visitor scrolls to that part, the poll will show up and let that visitor make a vote. Whether it is the width, height or color of your new poll, you can modify everything easily through a simple customizer provided with the plugin. Once you choose to show the results, you have a vast number of choices – from simple bars, pie charts to radar and polar charts which look amazing. Once you’re ready to show the results somewhere besides your website, Modal Survey will let you export the results to CSV, JSON, PDF, XML, and XLS. Visual builder will give you the power of creating polls without the need for coding. You also won’t have any trouble placing shortcodes with the built-in Shortcode Manager. Give users multiple answers, guide them through the poll by choosing questions based on the previous answers and much, much more. Check out the demo and full features list and we’re sure you’ll love the Modal Survey plugin.

  • Visual builder
  • Animated charts and graphs for showing the results
  • Multiple possible answers

Polls by OpinionStage


Install a beautiful polling system on your website or Facebook. This plugin is a great solution if you want more traffic from social networks and if you want to make visitors a bigger part of your site. You can ask a simple question about any topic or even create contests and sweepstakes. If you place ads in your poll, you’ll be even ready to generate a revenue. People can choose to enter the poll as anonymous or they can log in with their social network account. The polls are very customizable which means you can design them to suit your needs; you can track and filter participants according to side votes, filter results, choose to show the number of votes, and basically do whatever you want with your poll.

  • Free
  • Boost engagement
  • Contests and sweepstakes
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