How to create a temporary account without a password

Usually, creating new WordPress accounts is very easy. There are several user roles you can assign, and you need to enter an email address before WordPress creates a password for the new account. While this is the standard feature which people use on a daily basis, sometimes it isn’t the best solution.

When working on a blog, it is imperative that you have a unique username and a strong password which will make your site more secure. We suggest that you do even more and make login page even safer. But what about temporary accounts?

If you haven’t already needed help from an outside source, sooner or later you will have to let others access your site. Whether you will need to create an account for support team who will fix a theme or a plugin for you or simply create a guest account for a blogger who will help you on just one article, you will need a way of handling accounts.

So, instead of creating regular WordPress accounts which you will have to manage and delete manually, we suggest that you create a temporary account.

Temporary Login Without Password


Temporary Account in WordPress

Everything that you need to create a temporary account in WordPress comes in the form of a free plugin. This plugin is very simple but very powerful, and it will help you manage temporary logins without hard work.

Create a temporary account

The installation process is very easy, and you will get your Temporary Login Without Password plugin up and running in just under one minute (depending on the speed of your internet connection). After the plugin is activated, you will want to navigate to Users -> Temporary Logins where you will have a power of creating passwordless logins.

To create a new user, you will have to enter a few details, just like you would do when creating a regular user account in WordPress. The email has to be unique (you can’t use an email already registered to your WordPress blog), while you should enter user’s first and last name which would also become a username.

As you can see from the picture above, you get to choose a user role (administrator, editor, author, subscriber and contributor) and the time for which the temporary account will be active (one hour, three hours, one day, three days, one week and one month).

After clicking the submit button, the plugin will take care of the new temporary account. It will send an email to the user which will contain an exclusive link. That link will also be displayed to you so that you can easily copy it and share when needed.

Each link will be unique, and it will contain a token code which looks something like this:

The most magical part of the entire process is that your new users won’t need to know usernames nor the passwords to access your site. All it takes is to follow the link which will take a user directly to the dashboard of your WordPress site.

Manage accounts

Temporary Account log

Once you send out the links, you can start monitoring your new accounts. By navigating to the same user’s management dashboard, you will be able to observe new accounts. You will get to see the last login date and time, and you will also get to disable or to delete any of the new accounts. The temporary account link will also be available on the dashboard so that you can copy it with a single click.

But what if you create a temporary admin account?

Don’t worry; even if you create a temporary admin account, it won’t have access to the plugin’s settings.

If you want to have the total control over users, we suggest using Security Ninja. Similarly to the log provided by Temporary Login Without Password plugin, Security Ninja’s Events Logger will track each and every step that your users do on the site in the very detail. This will allow you to track your new accounts so you can see exactly who did what on your blog.

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  1. Is possible to redirect this user to the main page?
    How can you do this if it´s possible. Redirect the user to the main page without having the admin page.

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