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Holiday season is closing up on us. If you can’t tell that by looking outside, you can tell that by watching commercials, stepping inside malls and shops which are slowly starting to hang Christmas ornaments. While shop owners need to take care of shops, website owners should take care of their sites. Even if you personally don’t celebrate Christmas or you simply don’t like the season (yeah, some people actually don’t like Christmas, we couldn’t believe it, too), as a website admin you should think of your visitors.

Since you are working with WordPress, you already know that customizing your site has never been easier. If you want it to snow on your website, you simply need to install 5sec Snow and decide how big of a blizzard you want. But your website decoration doesn’t have to stop here. You can create personalized greeting cards which your visitors will see once they open your site.

Xmas Widget


To make that happen, you will want the help of Xmas Widget. This premium WordPress plugin will create Christmas greeting cards for you which you can so easily customize. After you install the plugin, the fun can begin. After you navigate to Appearance -> Widgets you will find your new Xmas Widget waiting for you.

The first thing you will want to customize is the title and content of your holiday greeting. The plugin allows you to use  HTML tags in the body of X-mas card, so there are practically numberless options you get to use – accentuate words, make them bold, change style…


Xmas Widget customized card
Then choose a background image which will attract your visitors’ attention. Whether you want to use some of the pictures which have been selected by developers or you want to upload your custom image, you know that this option is important to make the card visually attractive on your site. If you don’t want to over-decorate your Christmas card with an image, you can still choose a solid color instead. Don’t forget to play around with font types, font colors and we suggest that you include an icon – they’re cute, so there’s no reason to avoid adding one! Did we say that corners of a card can be folded? Yes, they can and it can really look nice.

The customization doesn’t stop here. Since Christmas is really tightly connected to snow (we apologize to everyone who celebrates Christmas without flakes all over the place), a Christmas card wouldn’t be the same without the snow effect. Developers of Xmas Widget recognized that and allowed you to create your own blizzard. You can choose the speed of your animated snow – whether you want snowflakes to float around your text slowly or you want an actual blizzard, you can do that simply by choosing the adequate option in the widget settings. We love the fact that there’s another snow option in the widget – you can choose how much of a snow buildup you want on the card.

The last but not the least customization feature is a custom CSS code. This feature allows you to enter the CSS code and style the widget to your likings. Now you don’t have an excuse to have a mismatched styling on your site.

The power of shortcodes

Xmas Widget greeting card
Although this plugin suggests that it is a widget, we have to accentuate that this doesn’t mean you only get to use it on your sidebars and widgetized footer areas. While you can quickly drag-and-drop your card on those widgetized areas, Xmas Widget generates a shortcode for you. That means that you can actually stick the Christmas card anywhere you want. Just copy and paste the shortcode and add one to your posts, pages or anywhere you’d like the card to show up.

The shortcode has a width parameter which allows you to change the appearance of the card on your site quickly; whether you want a small card in the corner of your header or you want a full-width card to make sure a visitor will see it, you can do it.

What’s even better about the shortcode is that you can use GET variables in them. What does that mean? If you, for example, use an email campaign to send stuff to your subscribers, you can use that to your advantage. Instead of greeting your visitors by a default name, you can take advantage of those GET variables to get an actual name of your guest. In that case, you’d use “Name” GET parameter in combination with mailing system’s merge variables. By doing so, every subscriber would get his name displayed directly on the greeting card – that’s a really nice feature!

Currently, Xmas Widget comes in three different packages. You can start creating personalized greeting cards from as little as $9.89. But if you want to use the plugin on more than one website, you will want to opt-in for Big Elf plan priced at $21.77. If you want the most out of the plugin and to get clearance to resell the license to your clients, you will need Elf Agency which will cost you $42.89.

If you are using the plugin on your site, show us your custom greeting cards – leave a comment.

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