Download Security Ninja for free from WP plugin repository

At the beginning of the previous month, we got our hands on Security Ninja and wrote a review of this popular WordPress plugin. This premium plugin has been sold on Envato market more than 5000 times, and it has received quite an excellent feedback from its users. It was even featured on CodeCanyon which is something to brag about.

A regular license for this security reporting tool was $12, but as of now, Security Ninja is completely free!

Yes, all it takes to have this ninja guy watch over your WordPress site is to download the plugin from WordPress repository, install it and activate. If you’re using WordPress version 4.0 or any newer, you can do that easily directly from your WordPress admin account:

  1. Navigate to Plugins -> Add New
  2. Search for Security Ninja
  3. Install and activate the plugin

After that, you will be able to monitor your website easily and perform more than 40 security tests! Each test will tell you about one part of your website which might have security issues. Unfortunately, the plugin can’t fix the problems automatically for now, but it will show you how to fix all of the issues. Please, see more about Security Ninja in our recent review and don’t forget to view the video below.

The free version has already managed to get more than 400 downloads in just a few days so make sure that you check what’s so great about Security Ninja.

If you haven’t met Security Ninja yet, you should know that the plugin features several extension which can transform this tool into a complete bodyguard for your WordPress site. There is a Core Scanner add-on which is dedicated to taking care of standard WordPress files. Then there is a Malware Scanner add-on which task is to watch over the infected files you might have picked up on the way. Scheduled Scanner add-on will let you automatize the entire process of WordPress security while Event Logger can track everything that’s happening on your site. You can learn more about each add-on in our review.

Still, Security Ninja will soon become even much more powerful! As we write this, developers are working on a new add-on which will allow Security Ninja to automatically fix security issues found on your site. Stay with us to learn more about the plugin and to get the latest info on new add-ons.

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