How to edit HTML code in the text editor more easily

If you prefer text editor over the visual one and you often deal with HTML code inside it, you already know how plain a default text editor can be. The code you place in the editor will look like the rest of the text and you will have a hard time editing your code.

If you’re still not using an HTML editor outside your WordPress, at least make your default editor more compatible for HTML.

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

PRICE: free

HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

With this plugin, you can have your syntaxes highlighted in different colors in your post/page editor. Not only this will make finding the right tag easier, but the plugin provides extra features which will save you time. It lets you save your posts and pages by pressing shortcuts – CTRL+S for Windows and CMD+S on Mac. The plugin will restore the cursor position so you don’t have to worry about the line where you have left off. There are two color themes to choose from so you can work with in a light or a dark environment. If you really have a lot of code, you might want to go full-screen mode and that’s a possibility with HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter.

That’s all you have to know about this great plugin. Now simply install HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter by going to Plugins->Add New or uploading the files you can download from WordPress plugin repository, activate the plugin and enjoy your new work environment.

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