Elegant Themes Review

Company Overview, Pricing, and Features

Artem Minaev
Updated: December 19th, 2020
4 min read
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Elegant Themes are third party WordPress theme provider that is on almost everyone’s list. If you haven’t used their services, you have at least heard of them if you ever dabbled in this area. With 50 team members, almost 10 years in business and over 400,000 customers, they have grown a lot since one-man’s operation that Nick Roach started. But, are they growing to be “too big to fail” or are they on the right track?

Elegant Themes Intro

Setting up

Signing up is simple. After you provide basic info and the payment method, you will be able to log in into the member’s area. Right off the bat, you will see their most popular products which are a mix of themes and plugins. It is a simplistic and easy to navigate an area that is impossible to get lost in. If you just want to download one theme and install it on your WordPress blog, then all you have to do is download, if it is not a .zip file, compress it, go to your WP admin portal and upload it in the appropriate place. For the first run, we went with their most popular and advertised theme called Divi. It downloaded uncompressed, so we had to compress it. After a couple of minutes, the installment was successful and we could go on with using our WP site.

Elegant Themes Signing up

User Friendliness and Functionality

But the real deal comes in customization options because if you are paying for the custom theme, you really want to make it your own. That’s where the builders come in handy and they are WYSIWYG. So with some practice, you can move everything almost exactly where you want it to and go to even the smallest details. However, we must say that loading times for the even the most basic of the themes sometimes was a bit longer than we wanted it to. If you want everything to be snappy and fast as the default WP themes, you will have to get a little bit of patience.

Elegant Themes User Panel 1

There are a lot of modules and everything is very user-friendly, so even if you are a total newbie, you will get the hang of it. Just do not get scared by the sheer amount of the information and options. Not to make things even more complicated, the majority of the themes are responsive and you do not have to know a single line of coding to use them. We would also like to highlight two plugins: Bloom for email and Monarch for social media. They are in-house solutions for two important aspects of building up your online presence and audience and they are seamlessly and visually integrated with their themes.

However, we must circle back to the Divi theme. It is a multi-purpose theme that makes web design accessible to anybody. Beginners will be able to design without coding and professionals will be able to do what they already did but in much faster capacity. Point and click, drag and drop with helpful hints that are popping up shortly and you are ready to go even without any of the tutorials. It even allows you to split test your new website. The only thing that it does not provide is the dummy demo content. So until you fill out the website with your content, you can forget about the whole Lorem Ipsum thing.

Elegant Themes User Panel 2

If you are more content oriented, you might want to try their other theme called Extra. No matter if it is any type of media, you can adjust it to your wishes and enjoy the results. There are a lot of other themes that are adjusted to different wishes and results can vary, but you will always end up with a high-quality product.

Design and Graphics

The visual side of things is an area where Elegant Themes are thriving. Their graphics and color schemes are wonderfully combined and it will make your eyes happy as they can be. With 88 themes, there may be a few that may seem familiar or a teeny-tiny bit outdated, but all of them are high resolution and not too flashy so they don’t distract from your content. Backgrounds are gorgeous and headers are simple but boldly stylish. Of course, you can step up your game and play with Divi builder and build up your pages from scratch with the drag and drop page builder.

Elegant Themes Design

That is the best part: everything is customizable. From the elements on your page to the color schemes. Even the most detailed people will be able to find their pick, it will just take the time to pick the right one. There are a lot of different modules, so you will be able to build your website in any direction you want, even if you are a visual artist, an audio person, shop owner or word content creator. Even if you are none of those and you just need a landing page for providing the information, you will be able to do that in the distinct way that will elevate you from your competition. The only downside is that it might be overwhelming to beginners. Sometimes too much of a choice can be paralyzing.


To be honest, we did not need any support while testing out Elegant Themes, but for the sake of the review, we had to look it up. There are few standard things that are available, like the user forums, ticketing system, and private messages. Everything is searchable and divided in the categories, so you won’t get lost. Every theme is regularly updated and the only thing that might be the speck on the flawless image is a lack of live support and sometimes not so stellar reviews of the end users that asked for help. Granted, although you might find online some people that are complaining a lot about the support and support system, if you look carefully, you will see that as the years go by, that is the case that occurs less and less. Its support might be rocky a few years ago, but it looks like that their team listened and that they upped their game. Bravo, now if we only get some chat…

Elegant Themes Support


Elegant Themes offers two types of pricing. They both come with 30 days money back guarantee.

Yearly access costs $89 per year. It gives you one year access to all themes, all plugins, theme updates, premium support and unlimited website usage.

Lifetime access cost $249 one time fee. It gives you lifetime access to all plugins, all themes, lifetime updates, premium support and unlimited website usage


  • excellent pricing
  • great customisation
  • stellar graphics


  • longer loading of the WP admin dashboard
  • no dummy demo content option
  • mixed support reviews with no live support


What can we say about elegant themes that won’t sound, well, elegant? Absolutely almost nothing. It is one of the best premium WP theme providers out there and with a reason. With the user-friendly interface, WYSIWYG builders, customizing options and wonderful graphics, the only thing we could nitpick is the mixed experience users had with the support. However, even that is getting better as time goes by. Also, a lot of customization options can seem like too much for complete beginners, but everything is easy to use. With its yearly or one-time pricing, it offers a lot, especially if you have in mind that you can use themes on an unlimited number of websites. It is a great choice for personal or business blogs and there are a lot of gorgeous themes to pick from, but the real gems are Divi and Extra customizable themes. If you include 30 days money back guarantee, there is really no reason for anybody not to try them out. So dip your toes in this elegant pond and design away.

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