Elements and Principles of Design [Cheat Sheet]

It’s time to design your own website or logo and you are thinking “Well, I’ll go with something that I will personally like. I don’t want a website that I don’t find attractive.” Well, this kind of approach is not entirely good. It would be for the best to avoid fully involving your personal feelings and tastes in this matter.

Elements and principles of design in general need to follow certain well-established trends, but this does not mean you are not allowed to be creative and unique. It only means that you’ll need to build with the blocks that are already provided to you. So, if you are not a good artist yourself, don’t try to invent a new trend, just stick to the kit in the design toolbox and follow its guidelines.

The Cheat Sheet we have compiled is here to help you design quality content. It will provide you with insight on which texture, colors and shapes you should use, how to utilize space and typography, and how to take advantage of lighting and sizes. Each of these elements has an important role to play in content creation.

Furthermore, when you combine these elements there are certain principles you should adhere to. You need to introduce some balance, hierarchy, rhythm and unity. So, if you have any concerns related to design, make sure to check out our Cheat Sheet, and everything will be made clear.

elements and principles of design

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5 thoughts on “Elements and Principles of Design [Cheat Sheet]

  1. Hierarchy is one of the most commonly overlooked aspects of good website design. Businesses tend to want to put everything in view, nit realizing they are simply making it more complex and more likely to push viewers away.

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