Control user registration with Email Blacklist Plugin

Once you have decided to open registrations for everyone, your WP powered website becomes much more vulnerable to random attacks from the Internet. While you can easily blacklist specific email domains by defining ones within a function, sometimes that won’t be enough. When you need to secure your website’s registrations on a new level, you will probably reach in for a premium plugin.

In this article, we are about to show you a plugin which comes both in free and payed versions and which can help you fight of spammers and hackers right at the point of registration.

Instead of worrying about who will stay registered on the site you have worked so much on, you should take a look at Email Blacklist Plugin for WordPress by CreativeMinds.

Email Blacklist Plugin

PRICE: Free/$29

Once installed, this plugin will stand in between you and users who are trying to register themselves. The plugin uses different methods in order to check for spammers and hackers. Email Blacklist plugin will take free lists of banned domains from SpamAssassin, it will use DNSBL online service and it will allow you to create your own blacklists and whitelists of email domains. By combining all those methods, you can really stop thinking about that last suspicious registration and think of more important stuff for your website. Those spammers and hackers won’t get a chance with you.

We have mentioned that the plugin comes in the free version, but it only includes Free domain lists, the creation of whitelists and customization of labels. While this is still enough for some of you, if you want to take all security measures against malicious attacks and spam, you will have to buy the plugin which will open all the other features mentioned above.

It doesn’t matter how good a plugin can be, don’t forget to check your registrations and new users every now and then – you never know how smart spammers have become.

Still worrying about how safe is your WordPress website? Run multiple security tests on it and take additional security measures with Security Ninja.

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