Contentception: Embed one content into another with this free plugin

Sometimes you need to add content from one page into another. When you need to do that for one time only or when there’s text you need to replace, it is just easier to copy/paste the content from one source to another, right? But what to do when you have to embed content from one page into more than one post? And what if that content is more complex and more difficult to copy and paste? What if you need to insert the entire gallery, video with descriptions and links or the entire author information? Then you reach your hand for Insert Pages plugin.

Insert Pages


Insert Pages

Before we go through plugin’s simple options, you should see two great examples where this plugin shows its power. After you install this plugin, you will see new options in your Visual Editor and you will be able to use simple shortcodes in the Text Editor.

Visual Editor:
When you open Visual Editor, a new icon will appear. If you click on “Insert Page” icon, a popup window will open where you can search for a post/page which you want to insert into the one you’re editing.

Simply choose a post/page from your recent ones or search for it by typing its name. After that, you will be able to choose how to insert the post/page. You can insert title, link, content, the entire post/page (which will also include custom fields) or you can use a custom template. After you’re done, click on “Insert Post” button and a shortcode will be automatically created and your post will be embedded.

Text Editor:
If you like to work with shortcodes and edit them by yourself, you should work from Text Editor. Shortcodes for Insert Pages plugin are easy to use. Here are all parameters you will need:

[insert page=’page-slug|ID’ display=’title|link|content|all|custom-template.php’]

It’s easy as that.

Unfortunately, simply adding content from one page into another might not look the best in your theme. That’s where you’ll have to use a custom template option. That also means you will have to code your own template and style it accordingly. It’s not that much of a work, but it might be a problem if you’re not into coding. Still you can give it a try and see how to create your own template.

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