Envato celebrates 10th birthday

It’s been ten years since Envato opened its headquarters in Melbourne, Australia. Although the company didn’t have a smooth sail from the very start, now practically everyone into web design has heard of this network. If you are working with WordPress for some time, you’ve probably got yourself a theme on Themeforest or a plugin on CodeCanyon at some point.

Envato has reached some incredible milestones during all these years. If ten years doesn’t sound that old, imagine that iPhone and Chrome never existed when Collis Ta’eed, Cyan Claire, and Jun Rung started working on a new company. Currently, Envato’s community can say that it has earned more than $400 million dollars! Yes, the numbers are astonishing but what’s even better is that much of that is done by WordPress users.

In order to celebrate this birthday, the team has prepared several discounts on the market – you can get Envato Elements lifetime subscription for only $19 per month. Also, you can get 50% off all Envato Tuts+ annual subscriptions and you can also try Tuts+ free for 10 days.

A company like Envato wouldn’t be as successful as if it was always focusing on the past. So, to show that they’re ready for the future, the team is excited to announce new products and platforms on which they’re already working on. For example, you might have already heard of Envato Elements (which allows you to use the unlimited number of graphic templates, fonts & assets for a monthly fee) and Envato Sites (which is a website builder connected directly to a vast number of templates), plus their blog went through some changes.

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