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Forms are everywhere. If you want to register an account, there is a form for that. If you want to log in, there’s another form eagerly waiting for your credentials. If you navigate to contact pages, you will probably see a form which will process your message and all the additional information. Buying and selling things will introduce new forms… you get the picture.

When you start working on your WordPress website, the chances are that you will need at least one form to perform a specific task for you. While there are all the different kinds of form plugins to be found in the WordPress plugin repository, some are better than the other. One plugin will be able to create only basic forms. The other one will be too complicated or way too buggy. So, if you need to create several forms, and you want to be sure you can do everything you imagine with them, you will want to find the best plugin for the job.

To cover your form needs from start til the end, let us introduce you to one of the most powerful forms creator plugins.

ez Form Calculator

PRICE: $24

EZ Form Calculator
Whether you want to create a simple form calculator or design detailed cost estimators for your WordPress website, ez Form Calculator got you covered. Its visual drag and drop editor allows everyone to become a form master without the need for coding. The plugin allows you to add every form element there is. Choose checkboxes, construct drop-down menus, add radio buttons, text areas, email fields, and much, much more.

Since this is not your everyday form plugin, it provides much more options and features than the previously mentioned ones. Each form element can have a specific value which will be afterward added in the calculator. By adding values, your visitor can easily get the exact price of the service you’re offering.

This premium WordPress plugin is more than two years old. During this time period, ez Form Calculator has gained the trust of more than 2000 people all across the world. With its rating of 4.49/5 (in the moment of writing the review), most of the users thought the plugin is worth 5/5 stars which is already a good sign of a good plugin. If you ask us, a good critique is important. Here’s what one paying customer said about the plugin:

“With a user-friendly interface, exceptional form creation features and an affordable price that is lower than Gravity forms, in my opinion, ez Form Calculator is a great plugin to add to your development tools. The plugin has all the features found in Gravity forms (including their premium add-ons), for just $20.”

Key features:

  • Visual drag and drop editor
  • Simple forms with basic elements
  • Advanced forms with advanced calculation
  • Conditional logic
  • Discounts management
  • PayPal, WooCommerce and MailChimp integration
  • PDF File generator
  • Email notifications
  • File uploads
  • Backend verification

Visual drag’n’drop editor

Most of us are visual types. Even if you’re a developer who got used to dealing with the code before even seeing the end result, you’d still want an easier solution if one existed. Since the forms can get messy if you’re designed them in details (everyone who tried creating an HTML form from scratch knows that), it’s really important to have a visual editor. And that’s where ez Form Calculator excels. Everything you do within the plugin can be created with the help of an outstanding drag-drop editor. If you want a checkbox, simply move one from the list into your form. If you want a calculation element or a simple email field, all you need to do is move your mouse cursors to the desired location. It’s easy as the plugin’s name already suggests.


Since there are tons of features and options you can explore within the plugin, maybe the best way is to use an example.

In the first example, let’s say that you have a restaurant where people can organize buffets. You may offer different types of meals and extra services. Your customer may want a DJ or even fireworks after the dinner. Instead of listing all the extra prices as a simple text, ez Form Calculator allows you to create an interactive form where a visitor can select services that he likes. As a user makes changes to the form, the plugin calculates different prices which can be seen on the bottom of the screen. Take a look:

ez Form Calculator example

Here’s another example. Let’s say that you’re a web designer. You’ve created a unique website for your business. Among many other features, the website should tell your potential clients everything that you offer. Instead of listing every service and job offer, why not creating a form calculator? In this case, your list becomes interactive. This gives your potential customers a great overview of your service and it shows them only the one they’re interested in. If a user checks that he wants a WordPress powered website, unique design, photo editing service and setting up the hosting account, then you can show him the exact price for that particular set of services. And you don’t have to do anything with it – ez Form Calculator does the hard work for you!

This example can be viewed on the demo page.

Advanced Calculation

When it comes to calculus, this premium plugin is a serious player. Its powerful backend will swamp you with options you can choose for your form. While those who never liked math might get a little bit scared with how many options you have for each form field, those interested in building a perfect form will appreciate what ez Form Calculator has to offer. Enter the minimum and maximum values, choose currencies, write multiplicators if you need ones, write conditionals, choose different operators and much, much more. These are only some of the options the plugin offers, and you can spend a lot of time designing your best form.

ez Form Calculator calculations

WooCommerce and PayPal integration

Since the most calculations done with this plugin will have to do something with prices, i.e. buying and selling things on the Internet, it is important to know that it’s a very good friend with WooCommerce. If you want more control over your products, simply attach any of the created forms to your WooCommerce product or use the plugin as a payment gateway. You can also manage discounts through your forms and modify prices by value ranges.

A separate settings tab is dedicated to PayPal which will ensure that you process your payments without any fuss. You can choose to force PayPal payments, customize submit and success text – everything is created with user experience in mind so you don’t have to worry about a thing after creating your forms.


ez Form Calculator is one of the best form calculators you can find for WordPress. We like the fact that the plugin offers the creation of simple forms, while on the other side it offers such an extensive and powerful customization which professional users will love. It’s really hard to mention each and every feature there is, yet each one might be quite important to you. In the end, if you liked what you just read about the plugin, we invite you to take a peek at the official pages. Don’t forget to check out both frontend and the backend demos (username: demo, password: demo) which will show you ez Form Calculator in action.

Because there’s so much you can do with this premium plugin, it’s important to know that professional support got your back. While the plugin is thoroughly documented and also offers extensive inline help, you can always expect help from a developer.

Go on, try ez Form Calculator and tell us what you think.

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