How to find and display an ID in WordPress using plugin

We have already shown you how to find widget ID numbers in WordPress. Although it is relatively simple to copy and paste the code, if you’re not familiar with WordPress core file, you might lose more time than you want just in order to show different IDs. If you need to find IDs for posts, pages, and other WP elements, you will like these free and simple plugins.

Choose any of the three plugins; you will only have to install them and active to show IDs in your admin area.

ShowID for Post/Page/Category/Tag/Comment


This one is as simple as it gets. After your install and activate the plugin, it will show post, page, category, tag, comment, media and user ID in you administration pages. It is important to know that plugin works with user privileges which mean that, for example, an administrator can see every ID while subscriber won’t be able to see post IDs.

99 Robots Show IDs


99 Robots Show IDs is another free and simple plugin which doesn’t have an options page. That’s because you don’t need one. Simply install the plugin, activate it and that’s it. After you do that, the plugin will add an extra column into your administration panel where it will show ID numbers for posts, pages, categories, tags, comments, users, links, media, link categories, custom post types, and custom taxonomies.

Catch IDs


Although the plugin was created as part of developers theme, it is published as a standalone free plugin for anyone who wants to show their WordPress IDs. Catch IDs is also a very simple plugin and you will only need to install it and active to get a page, post, category, tag and media IDs.

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