Top 10 free Chrome extensions that will help you with WordPress

WordPress is renowned for its ability to extend features through themes and plugins. Even if you have been using WordPress only for few days, you already know that even without coding knowledge, you can have practically anything you want. And the good thing is that so many WP themes and plugins are free. If you know your way around all the files and the code that is used to run the popular CMS, you can even extend your blog by manually adding code snippets (you can find many in our How Tos category).

When you think things can’t get better than this, we would like to reroute your attention. Instead of thinking about WordPress plugins, what do you say about browser extensions?

Yes, we’re talking about a modern browser, Chrome, which has its own extension system you may already be using. There are millions of extensions which can help you with specific things online, and today, we’re about to show you those which will help you with WordPress. Without any particular order, let’s start the list of Chrome extensions.

WP Write

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WP write Chrome extension
If you’re serious about your blog, you will probably have WP admin active all the time. You will always have to write new articles, moderate comments, update theme and plugins, and so on. Still, there will be times when you’ll stay logged out, and you will want to write something very quickly without having to lose time during the login process. WP Write can help you with that; this extension will allow you to write and publish new posts directly from your browser.

WordPress Admin Switcher

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WordPress Admin Switcher Chrome extension
If you switch accounts regularly, this extension can help you. Instead of logging out and logging back in over and over again, WordPress Admin Switcher will let you do that in a single click or by pressing a keyboard shortcut. It’s a must-have extension for anyone who switches accounts often.

WordPress Site Manager

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WordPress Site Manager extension for Chrome
If you have more than one WordPress site which you need to take care of, WordPress Site Manager is the extension you will need to have. It allows you to easily add new sites which you can then quickly access from the browser. Go to your homepage, edit stylesheet, visit the dashboard or view your pages directly from Chrome.

WordPress Style Editor

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By inspecting elements with Chrome’s powerful Inspection tool, you will be able to find CSS elements which your WordPress site is using. You will even be able to change them and see the changes on your site, but everything will be lost once you hit the refresh button. WordPress Style Editor allows you to modify the stylesheet which can be then automatically saved. If you like to change CSS through Chrome, this is a must-have extension.


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Although Grammarly isn’t specifically related to WordPress, we couldn’t pass the chance to include this excellent extension on the list. Even with the free version, Grammarly will automatically check your grammar and spelling, and it will underline errors while you write. It allows you to edit your writings quickly and it will definitely make you a better writer. Once you taste the power of the extension, you will use Grammarly not only with WordPress but also in your emails, comments, forums, and everywhere else where you write online. Plugins SVN Link

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WordPress plugins SVN link
This extension will work with plugins pages on the official WordPress plugin repository. Once installed, the extension will add a new button to each plugin you open in the browser. This new SVN link will lead you to the SVN repo which will allow you to see the code used for that particular plugin. Now you’ll be able to see how well plugins are coded even before deciding to install them on your WordPress site.

Scan WP

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After installing Scan WP extension, you will get to learn more about any WordPress site you visit. Simply by clicking the orange button this extension adds to your Chrome browser, you will get all the information about the theme and the plugins that site uses. Now you can stop wondering what is the name of that beautiful theme that powers a site you like or what plugin is used to bring out something specific on the site.

WordPress Admin Bar Control

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WordPress Admin Bar Control Chrome extension
Instead of having the admin bar always up there getting in the way of your site or instead of completely removing the bar, you can control it via a click. This Chrome extension will allow you to do just that. Once you install the extension, you will be able to show/hide the WordPress admin via a single click.

WordPress Plugins Search by Addendio

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WordPress Plugin Search
This free extension will improve the plugin search function on pages. It will add the search engine from That means that you will get extra information about each plugin. There will be related items, and the extension will add a “Try Now” button which will allow you to test any plugin from the WP plugin repo for free.

WordPress Version

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WordPress Version for Chrome
This simple extension will show you version of WordPress being used on the site you have loaded in the browser. You can use this extension to quickly test if your WP site is showing this information. If so, we suggest that you stop your WordPress from showing version info because it may compromise the security of your site. To take additional security test, use our free online Security Scanner.

As you can see from the list of extensions, there’s much you can do with WordPress without actually having to open your WordPress site. All of the before mentioned extensions are free, and while they won’t help you become rich, they will help you with simple repetitive WordPress tasks. Feel free to browse Chrome extensions for WordPress because there are much more to be found. Hopefully, there will be new, original ones released on a regular basis.

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