Google Maps Widget hits 1 million downloads!

It’s been just over four years that Google Maps Widget got released for WordPress. The plugin utilized popular map service and because of that, it was bound to success. The already great free plugin also got a professional version which was even more powerful, and that was something that contributed to the success.

In the January of 2016, GMW was proud to show that there were more than 100,000 active users. That’s really an achievement to mark on the history lane, but Google Maps Widget was far from reaching its final number.

Before that, in the April of 2015, the plugin had reached a number of 500,000 downloads. It’s been just over 16 months from then and here’s a new milestone. Google Maps Widget hits a number of 1 million downloads!

We already showed you how great the plugin is. It features multiple pins support, custom descriptions, a huge number of maps skins, types, and pins … Among all that, the plugin gives you more that fifty extra features which will allow you to customize the map in details. GMW is definitely the fastest plugin for the job so don’t miss the chance to have it on your site.

Win a PRO license

To celebrate this milestone, we are going to give Google Maps Widget PRO licenses for three fastest users!

It is easy to participate, but you will have to show us that you’re one of the 1 million users who chose GMW to show their locations. This is what you have to do to win the license key worth $39:

  1. Navigate to a page on your website where you use the free version of GMW
  2. Copy the link to that page
  3. Leave a comment below this article and include the link to that page

The first three commenters who show us that they’re using GMW on their sites will win Google Maps Widget PRO Unlimited Personal license worth $39! Good luck!

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