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Sometimes when you are developing a website for a client, you will want to show work in progress. While it is advised that you keep some kind of development domain from which you can work safely, you will still want to protect your website from unwanted gazes.

Whether it is a new site/domain which won’t lure in wanderers or you’ve simply redesigned a site which has already drawn in a number of regular visitors, you will want to protect that site from being viewed until finished.

Hide my Site


With Hide my Site plugin, you can set a simple password which will protect the entire site so that only those with the password can get a glance at it.

Once you install the plugin, you only have to set your password by navigating to Settings -> Hide my Site.

Additionally, the plugin allows you to enable or disable the protection with one simple checkbox. You can enable password hint to be shown below the text box, create s simple message for users and show it on top of the password box. It is easy to set a number of days for which users will stay logged in and, more importantly, you can enable brute force protection. If set, people who try to guess the password will be blocked after several wrong inputs.

Hide my Site

If your website has more than one developer involved, you will like that Hide my Plugin allows you to set specific IP addresses which will always have access to your site. If you have a static IP address, this will help you to avoid entering the password every time you’re testing your own site. Regarding the admins, you can check the box which will automatically allow anyone logged in as admin to get access to your site.

All of the mentioned above is completely free and used by thousands of people all over the world. But this plugin allows you to go premium which unlocks several extra options. If you decide to buy the license, you will be able to choose from several different themes, set a different background and even use custom CSS to customize the looks of your password protected page.

If you’re going to use the plugin just for few days/weeks until you wrap up your project, the free version will be more than enough. But if the site you’re working on already gets daily visits, you should consider styling the theme properly.

If you want to create your own solution, see how to put a WordPress website in maintenance mode.

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