Things You Can Do if Your HostPapa Email Isn’t Working

Ogi Djuraskovic
Updated: October 4th, 2023
5 min read
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HostPapa is one of the top hosting companies for organizing, sending, and receiving business emails. While this hosting provider has a good track record, many users complained that they can’t access their accounts or have had trouble sending and receiving emails. 

If you’ve had similar issues, don’t worry. Below, we’ll list all the reasons your HostPapa email account may not be working and give you some tips on how to fix these issues. 

Why your HostPapa email might not be working 

If you are unable to access your account, don’t worry. The issues you may be experiencing aren’t concerning. Here are the main reasons why your HostPapa email may not work currently. 

Your ISP is blocking email ports 

The most common reason people don’t receive their emails is that their Internet Service Provider (ISP) keeps blocking messages it perceives as spam. Some providers don’t allow the usage of certain words or may stop content from threatening IP addresses. 

You are having internet problems 

Whether because of a slow internet connection or an over-crowded network, your internet may not allow you to access your HostPapa emails. In most cases, you will experience delivery delays if your internet connection is causing HostPapa issues. 

Your firewall is preventing access 

Your firewall was designed to protect you from threatening content. However, it may be too restrictive, preventing you from receiving or sending emails. Firewalls can also block your email ports if the sent or received email doesn’t pass the spam filters.   

HostPapa is currently down 

Another possible situation is that HostPapa simply isn’t working. You may have trouble accessing your account because it is down due to maintenance. In this scenario, you should give it a couple of minutes and try to reaccess your account. 

Six ways to fix your HostPapa email 

There are four primary reasons why you may not access your HostPapa emails (ISP blocking, internet issues, firewall, and platform issues). To solve this problem, check the system status and client configuration, change settings, clear the cache, check the spam folder, and check your internet connection. 

  1. Check system status 

    If you are experiencing HostPapa email issues, check their system status first. You can check the status on the HostPapa Status website. You will automatically see whether the email system is operational.

    hostpapa status

  2. Check client configuration

    Depending on your HostPapa solution, you will have different client configurations and incoming and outcoming servers. If the configurations don’t match your plan, contact HostPapa for help. 
    All solutions use the same incoming servers, IMAP Port: 993 and POP3 Port: 995. CPanel and HostPapa’s Basic and Advanced Email use the SMTP Port: 465 outgoing servers, Google Workplace uses SMTP Port: 465 for SSL or 587 for TLS, while Office 365 uses SMTP Port: 587.

    hostpapa imap email settings

  3. Change HostPapa email settings 

    Since your ISP and firewall may consider some emails spam, you can change your HostPapa settings to receive all emails. 
    Go to your HostPapa account, click “Settings>Spam Settings,” and select who can send you emails. You can also change the filters and tell the platform how you want it to process your emails.

    hostpapa email spam settings

  4. Clear your browser cache 

    Your browser cache may slow HostPapa’s performance, leading to delays in sending or receiving emails. Moreover, you may be unable to log into your account if you haven’t deleted the outdated cache.
    To delete your cache, click on the three dots in your browser next to your profile image, select “More Tools>Clear Browsing Data,” and select cached images and files, cookies, and browsing history. Click on “Clear data” to finish the process. 

    hostpapa cache settings

  5. Check your spam folder 

    If you cannot find your important mail, the program has perceived it as spam content. Before panicking, check your spam folder to see whether the message hasn’t wandered to this location. 

  6. Check your internet connection 

    As mentioned, your internet connection may be causing problems with your HostPapa account. Slow internet can cause delays, so you should check your connection using an internet speed test on your browser. 
     internet speed test


Although HostPapa is one of the best hosting websites, you may occasionally experience some issues. We have presented some of the most common reasons HostPapa may not work currently and how to solve these issues in a few simple steps. 

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