How a Music Teacher’s Website Can Make Money Online

In the last article, we discussed why it’s important for music teachers to have a website. Sure, it helps students find you but you can also earn money by being online in other ways through your website. Check out these music teacher sites and see how they created sites that sell.

You may have intended to target a local audience, but if you have a website that specializes in music, you can be sure that musicians and music lovers will also find it. Web traffic is always a good thing. Some visitors will just not convert into customers… unless you offer them something they want and can buy right from your website. It may be mp3 audio tracks of your music, tips and tricks ebooks, or anything else you can create that has a value to a musician or music lover. Perfect example is, the animated piano tutorial website.

Product Offerings

Color In My Piano has a shop of products, links to apps and free downloads of printable music need to drive traffic via search terms. Setting up an e-commerce site, such as this, can be easily done through WordPress. Because your site is open 24/7, so is your ability to make an income from a shop.


Music A La Abbott is a simple website that links its ecommerce business to a site made for online transactions (for which they get a percentage of the sale).


The Teachers Pay Teachers website is just one site you can use for e-commerce. Another is Cafe Press and Zazzle, which allow you to upload artwork to place on T-shirts, mugs, bags, mousepads, etc. The site takes, and fulfills orders, then you get a percentage of the sale sent to you via a check. No inventory, no side business of having to ship orders or collect and file sales taxes!


 Donation-Based Income

Some websites offer apps and downloads purely on a suggested donation basis. With a donate button, such as the one on the Susan Paradis website, people are asked to make a donation for using the material. This website also contains a storefront of products. Either way, it’s earning money.


Mrs. Miracle’s Music Room also uses the Teachers Pay Teachers website for e-commerce. The chances of sales are increased as visitors to the music website AND visitors to Teachers Pay Teachers may purchase products. Having your products tied to other sites, for example, a blog entry about your products on other blogs or news feeds spreads the chance of sales.


You may want to form alliances with other music blogs and websites for ad and link exchanges. Get your products out there and people will learn about your website. Get your website out there and people will learn about your products!

When your site is pulling in a good amount of daily traffic, consider taking ads from music supply sites as well as other music supply retailers. You can also apply for Google ads. Every time someone clicks on one of those ads you make money!

 Enjoy a Global Audience

Bravo! You have so many options on the World Wide Web. Whether it’s just to gain new students, sell some music-related products, or share your music via mp3s, your website is the key. So, use your imagination, your passion, and your talent to create a name for yourself. Even if you have a name music lovers know, your site can drive concert ticket sales and other events/news, increasing your income. The web is a wonderful place!

It’s not that hard to get online with your own blog or website. Want to know the first step? Go and download the guide for music teachers. When you’re up and running, check back to our blog for articles on growing your business, branding, marketing, social media and other digital business tips.

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