How to add an expiration date for your WordPress posts and pages

Have you ever wanted your post or a page to have an expiration date just like an average bottle of milk?

Maybe you don’t want some of the old posts to be shown in the archive after few years have passed or maybe you have created an announcement for some kind of event which doesn’t have to be alive after the event has ended. No matter the reason, it is good to know that you can easily set an expiration date for any of your posts or pages. Here’s a great plugin which can help you:

Post Expirator

PRICE: free

With Post Expirator, you can do just that. If you configure the plugin, your post can be deleted after specific date, it can be moved to drafts or you can decide to change its category after the period of time has passed.

If you do that, it is always a good option to let you visitors know how long that post is going to be alive. Post Expirator will give you a simple shortcode which you need to place into the post/page and it will show expiration date.

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add new
  2. Find “Post Expirator”
  3. Install and activate the plugin
  4. In Post editor, you will find a new widget where you can enable the plugin and set up the expiration date and status of the post after the date
  5. To show the expiration date, simply put [postexpirator] shortcode anywhere in post/page where you want the text to appear.

The plugin will automatically add new category to your post list and show you which posts have expiration date.

How to add an expiration date for you WordPress posts and pages

Although Post Expirator is definitely the most popular plugin for this task, you should know there are plenty of other plugins that will do the same job.

For example, you could check out Simple Post Expiration, Post Auto Expire Control, Post Expiring, etc.

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