How to change colors in admin menus

When it comes to customization, you might want to change the way your administration area looks like. By default, there are 8 color schemes which you can choose for your profile. But maybe you don’t like the standard colors or you want those to match colors on your site. And that’s where you want more options, right?

There a different ways of changing color schemes for your admin menu. In this article, we will show you two plugins which can do the great job – you can install a simple plugin which will add eight more color schemes or play with color picker in the other one.

Admin Color Schemes

Admin Color Schemes

PRICE: free

If you don’t need to go into details and choose every color by yourself, you might want to try this simple and free plugin. You simply need to install Admin Colors Schemes and the plugin will automatically add 8 new color schemes which you can find under user options:

  1. Install Admin Color Schemes plugin and activate
  2. Navigate to Users -> Your Profile
  3. Under Admin Color Scheme choose a new scheme you want to use

WordPress Admin Color Scheme Generator

PRICE: free

Previously mentioned plugin will just add those 8 colors schemes, but if you want to have control over every color in your scheme, you will need more options. Unfortunately, this plugins has been removed from the original website which allowed you to pick colors directly from your browser, but you can still download this plugin and install it manually. Follow the next few steps and you’ll have a custom admin color scheme in a minute or two (or if you’re like us, you might spend an hour before you find the perfect color combination).

  1. Download WordPress Admin Color Scheme Generator
  2. Install and activate the plugin
  3. Create custom schemes by choosing colors


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