How to Create a Custom Email [Infographic]

A lot of people think that emails are dead, but they don’t know what they are talking about. They just don’t know how to make good use of their emails to create better results for their organization. This is why custom emails are still a good business option and a way to attract new leads.

In this infographic, we go way back to the very start of emails and how they were used. We will show the historic road of the email and how it came to be. Additionally, the infographic also explains how emails work and what protocols they use for their functions. With a custom email, you will be more memorable and people will give significance to your name.

The first step towards creating custom emails is to get a custom domain. You will never be able to get a good custom email name without a domain of your own. The third step explained in this infographic is the need for getting a suitable email hosting provider and how to recognize a good one.

Additionally, here, you can find out all the important metrics and insights about emails and email users. You will see how many people have emails and how many of them check on their emails regularly, how many people think that their emails are important for finding good jobs, how many people rely on them to find jobs and how often do email subscribers like to check the marketing emails they get during the week.

In the end, this infographic covers the best ways a custom email can be used for getting great business results. The infographic outlines tools, methods, email marketing software and important factors that affect email campaigns and how you can use them to your advantage to achieve your end goal.

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