How to customize WordPress Admin Menus

While WordPress frontend is highly customizable and you literally have limitless options for your site, backend i.e. the Admin Menu is somewhat limited and you’re basically stuck with what you got.

Since there are plugins for almost everything in WordPress, why wouldn’t there be one which will let you customize your admin area? Well, there is, and not only one of course.

If you’re into coding, you might not be interested in this article because we’re not going to show you the code behind the plugin but only give you short guide how to set up plugins and easily change the design of your admin area. But you probably want just that, don’t you.

Client Dash

PRICE: free

For starters, you might want to change the admin menu for yourself or your other users. This can be easily done with this free plugin where you have power to change the entire menu which you see while working with your WordPress blog. For example, you can add new menu items, remove ones you don’t need or don’t want to make accessible for specific user role, you can change icons, etc. So, how to do that? Let’s start:

  1. Go toPlugins -> Add New
  2. Install and activate Client Dash plugin
  3. Navigate to Settings -> Client Dash
  4. In the second tab, choose “Menus”
  5. Select User Role and click “Add Menu”

This is where your customization starts. After the plugin has done creating your new menu, you will see the screen as it looks right now. Here you can add or remove menu items, type in new labels and even change the standard icons. Whether it is a post type you want to add or maybe a custom link, Client Dash will let you do that. Drag and Drop items and create yourself a personalized menu which will make you work faster.

Admin Menu Editor



Although more popular than previously mentioned plugin, Admin Menu Editor comes in free and premium version so you will have to buy the license if you want all the extra features. There aren’t big differences between the plugins and Admin Menu Editor will also give you the ability to rearrange menu for yourself or any other user role simply by dragging and dropping menus and submenus where you want them. You can change access rights, icons and titles for all menus, export and import them and even use shortcodes. Check out the PRO version demo to see the real power of this plugin.

  1. Install Admin Menu Editor and activate it
  2. Navigate to Settings -> Menu Editor (PRO)
  3. Select User Role which you like to edit and set up the menu as you like
  4. Save changes

This is just the beginning of your customization. Don’t forget to change color schemes or rearrange your admin menu icons, and keep an eye on WP Loop because there will be many more tutorials on how to customize your WordPress website with ease.


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