How to limit number of posts per user/user role

If you have more than few users on your site, you might have to limit some or maybe all of them for any reason. If you were wondering if that was even possible – yes, it is and it is easier to do than you might think.

You can limit number of posts by users or by user role and soon there should be an option to limit posts by post type so you can limit, for example, only video posts to 5 per day.
Like most of the things in WordPress, you can do that by using a free plugin. All you have to do is install WPsite Limit Posts which is free and can be found in WordPress plugin repository. After that you only need to choose which user or user role to limit and that’s all, folks.

But, what if limited user exceeds his number of posts? No, their articles won’t be deleted but instead their new post will be saved under a new “limited” status which will be saved for review which you, as admin, can view and approve if you want.

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