How to recycle old articles using social networks

Once you start writing on your newly set up blog, it’s only matter of time when you’ll want your old posts under the light again. There are numerous ways of “recycling” your old posts and one is harvesting the power of social networks.

Let’s say you want to share your months old posts on social networks to boost them once again. If you’re about to that manually, you will have to go back to your articles one by one, copy the link and paste one in Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or whichever network you have in mind. And as you probably already know, that’s quite time consuming. But don’t worry; here’s a great little plugin which will help you do all that automatically and give you the powerful options after which you won’t have to worry about posting your old articles on social networks.

The plugin we’re talking about is called Revive Old Post and some of you might know this one by the old name Tweet Old Post.

Revive Old Posts
The Plugin comes in free and PRO version.

With the free version, you get to revive your old posts on Twitter and Facebook. Once you choose where to post, you can set up time intervals in which your posts will automatically be shared. There are a few important options to choose from; for example, you can share only a title or maybe a custom field from your page, you can set up additional text (if you want to let your visitors now you’re posting an old article, for instance), choose whether you want to share a link, etc.

In order to upload a picture from your old article, you will have to upgrade to PRO version. Besides that, paid version will give you the ability to create a custom schedule, custom post types and access to LinkedIn, Xing and Tumblr.

To see how this plugin works, check out this neat Youtube video which explains few of the features.

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