HTML & CSS [Cheat Sheet]

It’s the age of having an online presence, and if you want to be a respected businessman who is taken seriously, you need to have a website. Also, knowing how to design a website is one of the most desired skills of the 21st century. Therefore, being well versed in the area of HTML and CSS will turn you into a valuable asset for any company. Those who never had a single lesson in coding are usually intimidated when they try to create and design a website on their own.

The truth is that you have nothing to fear but fear itself, because here, at First Site Guide, we decided to help you build up your confidence, and show how HTML and CSS are not as complicated as you imagined. Basically, HTML is the page layout, whereas CSS is its visual design, and if you master these two things, you’ll be able to do wonders.

Here, we have a Cheat Sheet that will help you understand these two concepts a bit better, and encourage you to work on and polish up your web design skills. You’ll be able to discern what part of the website is done with HTML and what you need CSS for. You’ll learn how to manage content on websites and how to alter its appearance, so dig in and have a productive lesson.

HTML & CSS Cheat Sheet

Feel free to use this cheat sheet on your site

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