HTML5 Canvas [Cheat Sheet]

Wouldn’t it be amazing if modern web designers could have access to a tool that would help them transform the web page sheet into a canvas? A canvas where they can create their work of art with no restrictions whatsoever to their creativity, where their innovative ideas will not know any boundaries.

How many times have you had to use different codes or embedded elements on your website to make the content rich and engaging enough to meet the client’s needs? On top of that, each of these elements had to be downloaded or streamed in real time in order to be shown on the screen of the website visitor.

Canvas, or if you prefer, canvas, is another HTML element implemented to HTML in version 5.0. It is an element that completely transformed HTML as we know it. By using it, you can easily transform the web page into a canvas worthy of your artistic skills.

Canvas uses JavaScript code to bring life to web page areas of your choosing. You can use it to draw and animate a variety of objects, ranging from simple to very complex ones.

If this has caught your attention you should definitely check the cheat sheet below. You will be able to find out what canvas is good for and why you should consider using this HTML feature. Furthermore, you will find out how to use JavaScript functions to create Canvas apps in our Cheat Sheet section.



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