Huge Giveaway – choose your prizes from 150+ WordPress items worth $2,500+

It’s time for a game! A game where three of our lucky readers get to choose their dream themes (pun both intended and unintended) and plugins for WordPress! There are more than 150 premium items to choose from, worth over $2,500!

This is a huge giveaway, and the list of prizes is massive! To make it easier for you, we created a list of all items available in the giveaway. There are so many great items down there so take it slow! Since it would be difficult to choose just one, we’ve decided that the luckiest one of you will get to choose 5 items. Yes, any five items from the list! The second in line will get to choose 3 items, while the third place takes 1 item for the list.

150+ prizes to choose from worth over $2,500

1st place: Choose 5 items from the prize pool
2nd place: Choose 3 items from the prize pool
3rd place: Choose 1 item from the prize pool
Scroll down to see the prizes & enter the giveaway!

Enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway, you should choose any of the options below. Each task you complete will give you points. Earning more points increases your chances of winning. If you want to maximize your chances of becoming one of the lucky winners, make sure that you come here every day and complete repeatable tasks (like tweeting). Good luck!


To all the companies and individuals that were kind enough to offer their licenses for this giveaway, we would like to thank each and every one of you for participating – guys and girls, you’re simply awesome!

The giveaway will be active for ten days, and the lucky winners will be announced on Thursday, February 9th. Now, without further ado, let’s start the list. Good luck!




If you are looking for a new premium theme for your site, this giveaway gives you the chance to choose between some of the best WordPress themes on the market! And you can get them completely free if you are in luck. Instead of giving you just several themes to choose from, the developers stepped in with their entire collections. Take a look at what can be yours. Yes, we know that it will be hard to find the best one.

Elegant Themes

Prize: 1 x Developer Subscription (includes 88 themes), worth $89

Even if you’re new to WordPress, you must have heard of Divi. This is one of the most popular themes for WordPress, and it’s a part of this package! The popular theme is powered by Divi Builder, a super powerful tool which allows everyone to build a site on the go. You get to customize the entire site through a visual editor, customize parts you haven’t even know about, create a responsive website by editing mobile breakpoints. Divi is fast. Very fast. So you can concentrate on customizing the details. There are more than twenty premade layouts to help you get started, more than forty content elements you can play with, and so much more.

Elegant Themes is ready to give you a Developers license worth $89 which includes all of their themes! That’s 88 themes to be more precise which, besides Divi, include Extra, Nexus, Vertex, Fable, Foxy, StyleShop, and much more.


Prize: 3 x 2 themes of your choice, worth $49

Currently, holds 41 premium WordPress themes, and they are all part of this huge giveaway. Their flagship theme is Ultra – the most powerful and flexible theme by which we reviewed some time ago. And we loved it! The theme comes packed with premade skins and demo sites which can be a perfect starting point of your custom site. With Ultra you also get ten builder add-ons which will make customization fun. There are fifteen different page layouts, five single post layouts, and six header background options. You get to use preset typography, colors, toggleable elements. The list of features goes on and on.

In this giveaway, the developer offers a coupon which gets you any two themes from their list. You can choose from themes like Float, Peak, Music, and much more. Take your time.


Prize: 3 x Treasure Chest Lite, worth $99

You don’t have to a pirate to get yourself an awesome theme from ThemeIsle. But you can if that’s your thing. There are more than 30 themes on ThemeIsle, and you can quickly join the family of almost half a million happy users. Yes, if you choose ThemeIsle themes as your prize in this giveaway, you can become a proud owner of all their themes! Just take a look at Zerif PRO or Hestia PRO.

To be more precise, you get a Treasure Chest Lite, worth $99 per year which includes access to all themes, video tutorials, basic support, and much more.

My Theme Shop

Prize: 3 x Extended Membership, worth $219

My Theme Shop is home to almost one hundred premium WordPress themes, and almost twenty premium plugins. And guess what; all of those can be yours if you choose their Extended Membership package as the prize. The package includes all the themes and plugins, PSD files which you can customize as you wish, premium support and even access to all new product they publish. There are some great themes like SociallyViral, Schema,OnePage, awesome WordPress blog themes, and many others.

Among the plugins, we’d like to show you WP Review PRO. If you publish any kind of review on your WordPress website, this premium plugin is something you will just have to have. It allows you to choose from Stars, Circles, Percentages or Points for review scores. It is easily customizable, and the plugin integrates nicely in your posts. The plugin will automatically create rich snippets for each of reviews. That means that once you publish a review, it gets indexed properly by search engines and shows the extra information right there on the search engine results page. It will increase the visibility and the click-through rate for your review articles.

Users get to comment, and everything is animated for a better user engagement. The plugin allows you to show ratings over the article thumbnail which will make your users know your opinion right away.

Catch Themes

Prize: 2x theme of choice, worth $49.99

Rock Star PRO theme for WordPress
Catch Themes are responsible for more than thirty premium WordPress themes. The developers can proudly present their work as simple, elegant and highly customizable. Their premium themes are clean, minimalistic and niche-oriented. You can choose one for your business site, band, traveling agency, e-commerce, and many others.

The most popular themes in the portfolio are Rock Star PRO which is built for bands and artist, Clean Magazine PRO which is a great option for blog and online magazines, and Clean Journal PRO which can also be used for blogs, small businesses, and news sites. Still, this is just a small portion of you can get from Catch Themes so make sure that you take a look at the list of all premium themes. Any of those can become yours!



As you can see from the list, there are more than twenty premium pluginss you can choose from in this giveaway. If you find your name on the list of the lucky ones, you will be able to get some of the best premium plugins for WordPress. Already have favorites?

Yoast SEO Premium

Prize: 3 x Single Site license, worth $69

Yoast is definitely the most popular choice when it comes to SEO on WordPress sites. There are more than 1 million active installations of the free plugin, and we think that the number speaks for itself. But if you want even more control of SEO on your site, you should think of upgrading to Yoast SEO Premium.

For starters, it will get you a redirect manager and multiple focus keywords so that you can optimize an article for the different number of keywords or synonyms. Internal linking will automatically show you related posts from your own site so that you can link back to them when needed. You also get insights, socials previews and a friendly premium support who will help you with anything you need. Make sure that you check the entire features list. If you want your site to rank on search engines, Yoast SEO is reaching out to help you.


Prize: 2 x 12-month membership, worth $588

Building a site with WordPress can be easy. It can be fun. It all depends on how you approach it and which themes and plugins you use. But with WPMU DEV membership, using WordPress is so easy that it almost feels like you’re cheating!

WPMU DEV gives you superpowers; there are hundreds of must-have plugins and themes which can speed up, securse and make your site simply amazing. Take Hummingbird, she’ll fly through your site optimizing everything to improve your SEO, you will never have to worry about speed again. Defender will protect your site from hackers and malware while Smush takes care of your images, compressing every possible kb of data out of it; smaller images, faster site, better SEO! These are just a few of more than one hundred plugins you can get from WPMU DEV!

Get instant access to the Hub, your very own central intelligence area to perform updates, backups and manage all of your WordPress websites conveniently in one place. WPMU DEV, giving you superpowers!

WP Rocket

Prize: 1 x Business license, worth $99

WP Rocket is one of the best caching plugins you can find for WordPress. It can easily cache each and every post and page on your site. Browser caching isn’t a problem for WP Rocket as well. It will work with your JS and CSS files so that they load faster, optimize Google fonts and all the images on your site, and do a ton of other things to ensure your site loads lighting fast.

WP Rocket regenerates cache each time you update your content so you can relax and not worry about how fast your site is going to load to your visitors.

Unlike many other WordPress plugins, WP Rockets tends to minimize the stress for users by not showing them too many confusing options. Instead, the plugin will optimize your site from the box so you can enjoy its benefits without testing dozens of options you don’t understand well. It still allows more advanced users to do their magic. WP Rocket is compatible with CDN services and offers tons of other features which will all work towards one result – a better speed of your WordPress site. In this giveaway, you can get a Business license (valid for 3 websites), worth $99!

Ninja Forms

Prize: 3 x Personal membership, worth $99

No matter which kind of WordPress form you want to create, Ninja Forms will be able to handle the job. It features an astonishing drag & drop builder which lets you build forms in a fun and easy way; it kind of feels like playing with LEGO.

You can put anything you want in the form. And you can connect your forms to practically any 3rd party service. Whether you want to save email addresses to MailChimp, send info to Trello or accept PayPal payments, Ninja Forms will do that for you. Since there are so many possibilities, imagine the plugin as a form framework which can be extended beyond imagination. The forms are completely customizable, your users will get inline validation and so much more. A personal license is worth $99, and it can be yours! Try out the demo to see how cool Ninja Forms really are.


Prize: 3 x 1 year license, worth $67

With more than 16 million downloads (yes, that’s sixteen million), NextGEN is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for creating image galleries. While the free version lets you build practically any gallery you can imagine of, just think of all the PRO features it offers. Well, you don’t have to think about them since you can see them all in action.

Now, you can finally get your own NextGEN PRO and update the plugin with superb gallery displays, lightboxes, e-commerce, proofing, and pro support.

Besides the additional layouts, you also get image commenting, social sharing, and deep linking. You get to protect your images from unwanted downloads, you can add hover captions, use coupons, and so much more. Make sure that you open the demo site to see everything NextGEN PRO can offer.

Beaver Builder

Prize: 3 x Standard license, worth $99

If you are a visual type, like to create websites by using drag & drop technique without having to touch not even one line of HTML, CSS or PHP code, you’ll love Beaver Builder! This power tool will allow you to build WordPress website in fun and a beautiful way.

Instead of coding your way to the end result (a complete website) you get to create one by connecting pieces. Create templates, or you use premade ones, add images, videos, change text and headings until you get your perfect website. You have to try it out to believe how cool Beaver Builder really is.

Everything you create with the builder will be responsive, it’s going to work with any theme you choose, and it’s good to know there is a professional support ready to help you with anything you need.

SmartMonitor PRO

Prize: 3 x Lifetime license, worth $299

SmartMonitor PRO Dashboard

No matter how good with WordPress you really are, security is something you should constantly have in mind. Even if you do everything right, there will be times when your server will be inaccessible. There will be times when a hacker will try to steal your site, domain or plant malware. Sometimes, you will make a mistake and render your site useless. All of that can be embarrassing, and you can lose money if you don’t act on time.

Because of that, you should have SmartMonitor PRO on every site you own. This premium plugin will continuously watch over your site, and it will let you know when something goes wrong. You can receive notifications via email, SMS and push notifications and save yourself before something bad happens. Take a look at SmartMonitor PRO review and learn how powerful the plugin really is. In this giveaway, you can get a Lifetime license worth $299 and protect all of your sites!

MailChimp for WordPress

Prize: 2 x Personal license, worth $49

With more than 700,000 active installations, MailChimp for WordPress is one of the most popular solutions for creating mailing lists. The plugin allows you to create subscription forms without coding skills. It takes just a few minutes to build your first email list before you can start collecting first email subscribers.

But if you want to have more control over the forms and MailChimp lists, you will want a premium version of the plugin. With it, you can easily integrate your WooCommerce shop with MailChimp and offer products to your subscribers. Styles Builder will give you the power to create custom form styles. With Reports & Logging, you’ll get detailed stats about sign-ups so that you can better your game. Take a look at all the features and start collecting emails with MailChimp for WordPress.

Tribulant Software

Prize: 3 x 1 plugin of choice, worth up to $65

At Tribulant Software, you can find nine amazing premium plugins. Any of those can become yours if you’re one of the lucky winners.

If you want to work with newsletter easily, you should take a look at their newsletter plugin. Shopping Cart makes it easy to set up an online store, you get to create and manage popups, and do so much more with Tribulant Software’s plugins. It’s impossible to review every plugin in this article, so we invite you to open the developers’ homepage and browse through the list to see what you can get. Yeah, we know, they all look awesome!

SEO Booster PRO

Prize: Personal license, worth $29.95

SEO Booster PRO
SEO Booster PRO is a powerful WordPress plugin which can help you with your website analytics. It will let you discover incoming keywords from different search engines. You will be able to find external links, find pages that need more work before search engines can index them appropriately and even find hidden 404 errors.

The plugin features dynamic link widget and a keyword widget, you get to export keywords and backlinks into a spreadsheet and so much more.

If you want to make sure that your keywords are correctly recognized, you can automatically tag posts and pages with search terms.

WPRich Snippets

Prize: 3 x Personal license, worth $69

WP Rich Snippets
Right after installing WPRichSnippets, you will be able to add schema structured markup to your WordPress articles and thus make them much more SEO-friendly. For example, you can now quickly and easily markup your review article accordingly so that Google (and other) search engines recognize that and show your review articles with those little stars. Add descriptions, links, pricing info and other details in a proper form and get more organic visitors.

The plugin supports popular markups like articles, reviews, recipes, restaurants, etc. You get to add multimedia to your reviews, show CTA buttons, use Editors and Users reviews and much more. Everything is customizable and works flawlessly. You can even add a review to your WooCommerce product, something we mentioned in the giveaway a few months ago. Now, you get to choose this premium plugin as a prize and get a personal license worth $69!

Google Maps Widget PRO

Prize: 3 x PRO Unlimited Agency, worth $99

If you need Google Maps on your WordPress site, search no more. Google Maps Widget is one of the most popular plugins for the job and counts more than 100,000 active installations on the official WordPress repository.

The plugin is definitely the fastest one when it comes to displaying maps on your website. Instead of loading unnecessary data, Google Maps Widget lets you show off a thumbnail image of the location you wanted. That image is just a fraction of the size of an iframe map and can benefit to your site’s speed. Still, that doesn’t mean that maps created by GMW will be less attractive. Google Maps Widget PRO is super customizable; it allows you to put as many pins as you want, there more the 1500 pin icons already waiting for you, dozens of different styles, unlimited colors, and so much more. Read the full review to learn more about it.

If you choose Google Maps Widget PRO as your prize, the Unlimited Agency license will let you use it on all of your sites for eternity. That means you are covered for the rest of your life, and you can use the fastest Google Maps for WordPress on all of your clients’ sites. Amazing!

Prize: 3 x Personal license, worth $39

Featured Articles PRO is a perfect way of displaying content in the form of a slider. Whether you choose Accordion, Cristal, List, Navobar, Simple or Nivo Slider, you can be sure that the slider will look amazing and that your users will love it. Sometimes a simple video or images aren’t enough, so we invite you to open the demo page to see sliders in action.

The plugin allows you to display articles from any post type you use; yes, that includes custom post types. You even get to combine content within the slider! You can show articles, images, and videos. Control text and display information which you really need. Featured Articles PRO is very customizable, and you can modify your sliders with ease.

Prize: 3 x Personal license, worth $39

After writing articles and getting visitors to come to your website, you have to work towards keeping visitors on your site. One of the best ways to reduce bounce rate is to add related posts. But if you choose Related Posts for WP, you get much more than that. Besides posts, you get to connect people to your other pages and products as well!

Since it’s important to attract the attention of your visitors, you will have to style related posts. You know your audience the best, and that’s why the developers of Related Posts for WP give you the complete control over the styling. Don’t worry; you don’t have to write not even one line of code to get the desired style! If you want even more control over the related articles, you can customize themes and templates and achieve a unique look for your site.

The entire plugin is highly optimized for speed so don’t worry about adding additional load on every page you open. Take a tour and see what the plugin is capable of.

ACF Theme Code

Prize: 3 x Standard license, worth $38

When you need to include more flexible data to your WordPress site, you’ll probably be interested in Advanced Custom Fields. Although the plugin lets you create custom fields with ease, it takes both time and skill to implement new fields into your theme. That’s where ACF Theme Code comes in to save your.. time, it will save you time and nerves!

Once you create a field, there will be a Theme Code section on the bottom of your page. The section will automatically update for the field you’re working with, and it will allow you to quickly copy the code. Whether you’re building a new theme or customizing one, this awesome plugin will be a life saver. We already showed you the details about ACF Theme Code so please take a closer look.

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress

Prize: 3 x Standard license, worth $39

Amazon Affiliate for WordPress
If you are serious about Amazon affiliate program and you’re running a site powered by WordPress, this plugin is something you will need. Amazon Affiliate for WordPress will let you show Amazon items on your site in a visually stunning way.

You get to configure and customize product boxes which can be used as widgets or place anywhere on the site. You get to use data fields, text links, show automated lists, and much more. Customize the entire thing through shortcodes; for example, filter and sort a list by manufacturers. Since this premium plugin can help you make money, it will be an excellent choice.

Plugin Planet

Prize: 3 x 1 personal license, worth $15-40

Plugin Planet is responsible for three WordPress plugins which can help you with daily tasks. And all three plugins are a part of this giveaway.

USP PRO is a premium version of User Submitted Posts. Not only it will let you create frontend forms from which users can publish articles on your site, but you get to create submission, registration and contact forms, forums, and much more. SES PRO lets you build Ajax-powered signup forms which you can use to create email campaigns, newsletters and more. You get to send the unlimited number of emails, use double opt-ins and control subscribers without having to rely on third-party services. BBQ PRO is one of the fastest firewalls for WordPress and has nothing to do with barbecue. It will block bad queries and thus make your site safe. The plugin runs in the background and checks for the incoming traffic. If there’s something suspicious, it will solve the problems for you.


Prize: 3 x 1 Personal license, worth $25

With WooBought, you can show notifications to users about purchases on your site. If you install the plugin, you will be able to customize a notification which shows who bought which item. By enabling the plugin, you get to show people that your store is active and that something is going on on the site. No one likes abandoned stores, so this might be a nice marketing trick to get things going.

The plugin is responsive, customizable and it lets you see all the relevant statistics about purchases. Check out the demo site to see the plugin in action!


Prize: 3 x Personal license, worth up to $49

DevriX is proud to present more than a dozen premium WordPress plugins which can help you with different things on your site.

WP Collab makes project management easy. The plugin works with WordPress and allows you to break down the deliverables, manage rules, dates, and dependencies. If you want to customize your admin area, you should take a look at Brand Identity which allows you to customize login forms, add logos and images, change colors, manage admin bars, and much more. Sort by Google Analytics is a simple plugin which will allow you to sort posts by their popularity based on Google Analytics. You can easily play music in the background, and do much more with plugins developed by DeviX so make sure you check them all out.

Sygnoos plugins

Prize: 3x 1 Silver license, worth up to $15

A small team, Sygnoos is proud to present several WordPress plugins they have been working on. Just recently, we reviewed their Popup Builder which allows everyone to create practically any type of popup. No matter if you want to pop up images, videos, forms or something else, this handy plugin will let you customize everything in details.

If you are interested in adding social buttons to your site, you’ll be interested in their Social Media Share Buttons plugin. It will let you choose between sixteen themes and eleven icons, and you still get to customize the entire thing. Those who write reviews should take a look at Review Builder while adding prices to your WordPress site couldn’t be easier with WordPress Pricing Table.

Taking care of your site includes regular backups. Backup Guard features one-click backup, allows uploads to cloud, and files are super-easy to restore. Check out the official site for more info about this fantastic plugin. By installing Breadcrumbs Builder, your site can display beautiful bar which can help your visitors navigate through the site more easily.

Security Ninja

Prize: 3 x Forever Unlimited license, worth $199

You can have a beautifully designed site, buttloads of quality articles, dozens of different customizations. All of that won’t matter that much if you don’t take care of your site. A small loophole in just one of your plugins might give access to a hacker who can steal your site. Before anything bad happens, install free Security Ninja which will do more than fifty tests to make your site secure.

But if you want the complete protection for your site, you will want Security Ninja PRO. This premium plugin will let you use several modules which can automatically care of your Core files, it will find malware on your site even if you are unaware of it, it will allow you to schedule scans and even track each and every user action on the site. We are just a few weeks away from a new module which will be able to automatically fix security problems on your site.

If you are impatient (and when it comes to security, you should be), you can get a free 7-day trial. But if you’re lucky enough to find your name on the list of winners, you’ll be able to choose the Forever Unlimited license worth $199 and secure up to 99 sites with this astonishing plugin. Until then, check the complete Security Ninja PRO review.

Oasis Workflow

Prize: 3 x PRO license, worth $79

As the team gets larger, it gets harder to coordinate tasks between the members. A simple post may become a problem when it has to go through several hands before it gets published. But if you’re working with WordPress, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Oasis Workflow is a fantastic plugin which can help you organize workflow and increase productivity. You can open up the design canvas and start adding processes. Once you create a workflow, you’ll be able to get your posts through it. You can make things as simple or as complex as you wish. Much of it works automatically, you get to work with add-ons, and so much more.

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