Import .docx documents directly into WordPress

If you have a team of authors who send you articles in Word files (.docx), you are probably losing a quite amount of time to copy and paste the text, format it, extract images from the document and upload them separately.

But what if we told you there is a great plugin which can help you with that?

Document Importer

PRICE: $19 and $29

Document Importer is that plugin which will let you upload .docx document and transform it into a WordPress article. The plugin can recognize any Word document, and will even work with Google Docs and Dropbox.

Once you upload the document, Document Importer will take over your work and place your article in Text Editor. Now you might wonder why you would need a plugin to do that when you are even faster in copying and pasting your own text.

That’s where this plugin shows its strength – once imported, the text will stay formatted which means you won’t have to add spaces between paragraphs, you won’t lose bullet points, your bold text will stay bold and italic will still be leaning.

Another great thing about this plugin is that your links will be set up automatically. That means that you won’t have to add link by link in Text Editor; Document Importer will do the hard work for you.

Maybe the biggest time saver are pictures which will be automatically imported and uploaded in the media while their positioning will stay intact.

How do you like the plugin?

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