Understand your site better and improve SEO with Monitor Backlinks

SEO is a powerful abbreviation which many think they understand well. The truth is, search engine optimization is really hard to master, but there are still segments which even a beginner can utilize in order to make a better site.

The first thing most people think after hearing about SEO are backlinks. Those links which lead back to your site are very important. A few years back, it was important how many links lead back to your site. Today, many has changed and now search engines reward quality backlinks instead of the quantity. Webmasters should carefully link back to their sites because you can do more harm than the good if you don’t know what you’re doing.

There are already dozens of professional SEO tools which can be helpful to professional. While those tools take a lot of time to master, they also cost a lot. That’s why there are new, simpler tools to be found, which are affordable and which can be quickly mastered by beginners.

Monitor Backlinks

PRICE: From €22.90 per month

Monitor Backlinks list of links

Today, we’re about to show you one of the most popular SEO tools which allows you to track link profiles. Once you open the website, you will get a chance to enter any domain of interest in order to check it out. Without signing up, you will have a chance of analyzing up to 10 results. Of course, you won’t get to learn much about your site from the free plan, but the good news is that you can register for a free trial which lasts up to 30 days. This is your chance to try out Monitor Backlinks without even leaving your credit card info.

Once you have registered an account, you can start analyzing your WordPress website. You will have to enter your domain and competitors you want to track. If you want Monitor Backlinks to work at its best, you will want to connect your domain with Google Analytics. Still, if you’re not using GA or you simply don’t want to share reports, you can proceed by simply entering your domain. The setup is really quick and you can have your domain ready in a matter of minutes. You only have to give Monitor Backlinks a few minutes in order to catch up on your site analytics so don’t panic if there are no any results to be found at the very start.

Before getting into detailed analytics, we suggest giving Monitor Backlinks 24 hours to prepare your data.

The first thing you will see after logging back into Monitor Backlinks is the overview card. There will be different scores you will be able to monitor and those scores will tell you how popular your site really is:

Monitor Backlinks metrics

  • Alexa Global Rank – By estimating traffic your site is getting, this score tells how popular your site really is. Alexa is globally recognized metric for site popularity and you will want your score to be as low as possible. You get to track changes on a weekly basis.
  • Moz Rank – This metric will tell you how reputable your site is and how well it will perform on search engines.
  • Moz Domain Authority – The score can go up to 100, and it tells you how well your website will behave on search engines.
  • Backlinks – Shows you the number of backlinks to your site.
  • Unique Domains – This number shows how many domains are linking back to your site. Monitor Backlinks will automatically check for new domains referring back to you on a daily basis.
  • Speed – This score shows how fast is your website. Better the score, the faster your site is loading to your visitors. See how to improve the speed of your site for free.
  • Spam – By analyzing the quality of backlinks, this score will tell you the probability of getting a penalty from Google. The score can go up to 17, and you want it to be as low as possible.
  • Trust Flow – this test will check for the number of quality backlinks and will tell you if you have a quality site. The higher score means that you have more quality backlinks.
  • Citation Flow – Tells you how good your site is based on the number of quality backlinks to your website.
  • Safe website – Cheks your site for threats.

Monitor Backlinks metrics

As you can see from the images, we’re still working on getting higher scores for WP Loop, and we’re thankful there’s such a helpful online SEO tool to help us improve our website.

When you decide it’s time to go into detailed analysis of your website, you can start by examining your backlinks.


To start with, this page will tell you how many backlinks do you actually have and how many of those are followed, not followed, and how many are with or without additional warnings.

You will get to review each and every backlink to your website which can get you more traffic. That means that you can see the backlinks and details about it like how popular a site which backlinks to you really is, is it considered good or bad for you, and even if it’s a spam threat. There are several other metrics which will help you rate the quality of the backlinks.

If you’re just getting to know SEO and how backlinks work, all of these scores and metrics might seem a bit too much. But don’t worry; everything is actually quite easy to understand. It will take you some time to get to know everything before you can roam around different metrics, but keep in mind that Monitor Backlinks can help you improve SEO.



Monitor Backlinks IP location

If you open the report card, you’ll get a whole new level of metrics. Here you will be able to check TLD distribution to know which domains are linking back to you, you’ll see where the IP addresses are coming from, top anchor texts,followed vs. not-followed diagram and much more.

Competitors, Keywords, and the rest

As you can already see, there is so much you can do with Monitor Backlinks. Before we elongate the post into several pages, we’ll stop and mention other features briefly.

Competitors card is there to show you how other sites from your niche are behaving on the web. If you remember setting up Monitor Backlinks accounts, you had a chance to enter domains of your competitors. This is the spot where you get to see backlinks from those domains. The report is really useful so be thorough and make the best out of it.

To see which keywords are doing the best for your site, you will have to open another card appropriately named Keywords. After opening the card, you will see how each keyword stands on Google’s ranking list. You will get to see its position on the results page and several other details. You will also be able to compare your keyword with competitors’.

Google takes care of backlinks and does everything it can to prevent any damage a low-quality site can do to you. But, of course, there will be backlinks which can take a negative effect on your SEO. For example, you might have bad links to your site which will violate Google’s quality guidelines. You can read more about this at Google, but before doing any changes, take note that disavowing backlinks is an advanced feature which should be done by a professional.

Monitor Backlinks history

Monitor Backlinks will automatically check your backlinks. Every five days, you will get an update of those links, and you will be able to check them out via History card. Check your backlinks in the descending order an see which backlinks do you have, are they followed or not followed and their type.

The trial version will be just good enough to show you how good Monitor Backlinks really is. If you decide that you want to analyze your website’s backlinks in details and do that on a regular basis, you will have to opt in for a paid account. Since you can get a starter plan for as low as €22.90, we think that Monitor Backlinks is a good choice which will pay out in the form of a higher-quality website with better backlinks.

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  1. Wonderful article. Anyone has experience with Rank Tracker Tool yet? I registered for the trial and it has been great so far.

  2. Yes, you’re correct it is not about how many backlinks you get but the quality of backlinks you get. Quality backlinks are hard to get that’s not to say that links that don’t carry any authority are useless if they come from a new site then over time that site may become an authority and those links you have there will serve you well. Link to sites doing the right things.

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