How to install WordPress plugins

Using WordPress without using plugins is almost impossible. Once you start customizing your theme, you will soon find yourself needing more functionality. And that’s where you are going to use plugins which can transform your WordPress into a website you really want.

There are numberless free and premium plugins for you to explore and you can find one for almost everything you can imagine.

But before you enrich your website with a plugin, you will have to install it. It is really easy to install and activate the plugin, and you can do it in a 3 different ways:

Install a plugin via Admin Panel:

  1. On the main menu which you can find on the left of your admin panel, navigate to Plugins
  2. Choose “Add New”
  3. On the right side, find a search box where you can write a plugin’s name
  4. Search for a plugin, for example, “Google Maps Widget
  5. On a list of plugins, find the one you are searching for. In this example, Google Maps Widget will be the first on the list
  6. Click on the image to see the details and “Install” button to install the plugin
  7. Wait for plugin to be installed and then click the “Activate Now” button
  8. Your plugin is installed and ready to use

Upload a plugin through Admin Panel:

This method is similar to the first one, but instead of searching for a plugin in the WordPress repository, you will install a plugin by uploading it directly from your computer. Of course, you will first have to download a plugin from the Internet.

To install Google Maps Widget, go to the official plugin site. Since the plugin is free, simply download the .zip file anywhere on your computer. Now you are ready to install the plugin:

  1. Go to Plugins -> Add New
  2. On top of the page, click on “Upload Plugin” button
  3. Browse for the
  4. Click on the “Install now” button
  5. Once installation is completed, click the “Activate Now” button
  6. Your plugin is installed and ready to use

FTP upload:

There is a third method of installing a plugin. This one requires FTP connection to your server where you will upload plugin files directly into plugins folder. You should have a FTP client like FileZilla and your username and password in order to connect to a server. If you’re not sure what FTP is and how to get connect to a server, we suggest using one of the above mentioned methods of installing the plugin. If you have set up your FTP client, proceed with the manual installation:

  1. Establish a connection to your server
  2. Unzip the plugin folder so you can upload it to the server
  3. Navigate to public_html -> wp-content -> plugins
  4. Drag and drop he unziped folder into plugins folder
  5. Go to your WordPress admin panel
  6. Go to Plugins-> Installed Plugins where you will find your new plugin
  7. Activate the plugin and you’re done. You can close your FTP connection if you don’t have anything else to upload and you can go see how your newly installed plugin works.
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